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*Note this is an Airsoft Game*

D-Day IV: The Crown vs The Condor

Presented by the Eastern Wolves and Section 8
May 20,2012


Historical D-Day:
During the first six months of 1944, the Allied Forces concentrated land, naval, and air forces in England to prepare for Operation Overlord, the assault on what was known as Hitler’s “Fortress Europe.” While the Soviet Union tied down a great portion of the enemy’s forces, the western Allies marshaled their resources, trained their forces, separately and jointly, for the operation, and fine tuned the invasion plans to take full advantage of their joint and combined capabilities.

Nine army divisions (three airborne and six infantry) from the United States, Britain and Canada trained and rehearsed their roles in the carefully choreographed operation. Rangers climbed cliffs, engineers destroyed beach obstacles, quartermasters stockpiled supplies and infantrymen waded through the English surf as each honed the skills necessary for the invasion’s success.

Finally, on June 6, 1944, the assault was launched. Amphibious craft landed some 130,000 troops on five beaches along 50 miles of Normandy coast between the Cotentin Peninsula and the Orne River while the air forces controlled the skies overhead. In the eastern zone, the British and Canadians landed on GOLD, JUNO and SWORD Beaches. The Americans landed on two beaches in the west:UTAH and OMAHA. As the Allies came ashore, it took several hours to make the 200meter trek across the deadliest beach any of the men had seen. In total, the allies suffered approximately 10,000 casualties, but it was the first step on the final road to victory…

Our “D-Day”:
D-Day IV is a combat simulation inspired by events which transpired on June 6, 1944. It is NOT, by any means, an authentic simulation of WWII combat. Players are permitted to wear any uniform they choose, and carry any replica AEG of their choice. WWII loadouts are NOT required!

Scenario: The attacking team (tan) must clear the beach of enemy opposition by advancing through gaps made in the wire, destroying bunkers, and creating a foothold on the beach. Following the Beachhead, the attackers will advance through the “D-1″ draw into the village. Beyond this area, the attacking team will encounter enemy patrols, and will be on the lookout for their future objectives.

Images from D-Day III: http://forums.lvairsoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4487

May 20, 2012

Skirmish USA
211 North Meckesville Rd Albrightsville, PA 18210

Directions: http://www.skirmish.com/vital-intel/directions/

Early Bird (March 10-March 24):$30 ($5 prepay to reserve your slot, $25 due at registration on game day).
Main Registration(March 24-May 13):$35 ($5 prepay to reserve your slot, $30 due at registration on game day).
Late Registration/Walk-On (May 13-Game Day): $50

Send paypal payments to: pa1peter1@aol.com

Paypal payments MUST include the following information:
1. Real name
2. Callsign
3. Team name (team you normally play with)
4. Game preference (Green/Tan)

In order to simplify the registration process on game day, we ask all players to print a copy of Skirmish USA’s waiver and have it completed when they arrive.
Waiver: http://www.skirmish.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/SkWavier03012012.pdf

GREEN-(Homeland Defenders)- Anything Green/Black Based: Woodland, OD, Flecktarn, MARPAT, Tiger Stripe, etc.
TAN-(Multinational Coalition Forces)- Anything Tan Based: Desert Tri-Color, Multicam, Tan, ACU, ATACS, etc.
(Absolutely NO hunting camouflage patterns, i.e. Mossy Oak, Real Tree, etc. )

Each Squad of 10 will consist of:
a) Squad Leader (Must have functional Radio)
b) Assistant Squad Leader (Must have Functional Radio)
b) 1-2 SAW Gunner
c) 2 Engineers
d) 3-4 Riflemen

-All players must have a barrel cover, they will be available for sale at skirmish
-All players must have FULL SEAL GOGGLES; NO MESH! NO SHOOTING/SAFETY GLASSES! If you do not bring the appropriate eyewear you will not be able to participate!

Weapon Requirements:
400fps w/ .25g BBs for AEGs
500fps w .25g BBs for Bolt Actions

1) Anyone using a Rifle based Airsoft gun will only be able to shoot Semi- Automatic. No magazine restrictions apply. AEGs and Sniper rifles are permitted.
2) Any one using a Machine gun (Squad Automatic Weapon) is allowed to use Full Automatic Fire (M249, M60, etc.)
3) Only semi-auto, or single shot pistols are permitted.

Equipment requirements:
Red death rag
Full sealing goggles
Ankle supporting boots (No sneakers!)
Safety Whistle

09:00-10:30 Player sign in/Chrono
10:30-11:00 Briefing/Team organization
11:00-5:00 Game

updated roster available at

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