I.O.N. 2013 Vendor list!

As of June 19th we have 29 registered vendors for Skirmish Paintball’s 2013 Invasion of Normandy.

They are:

  1. Boss Paintball
  2. Crossfire Paintball
  3. Cyrillic Design
  4. Dead Man’s Gear
  5. Dragon Fly Imaging & Exhibits
  6. DYE
  7. Engler Paintbal Guns
  8. EZcreations Fanz kit
  9. Hometown Military Surplus
  10. J&J Performance
  11. KEE Action
  12. Empire and Empire BT
  13. Joe’s Military surplus
  14. Monster Energy
  15. OCD paintball
  16. Operation Ambush
  17. GI Sportz
  18. Quick Shot paintball
  19. R7 USA
  20. S.E.R.E. Performance
  21. Tactical Paintball CT
  22. TC Paintball
  23. Tippmann Sports
  24. Topgun Military Surplus
  25. Trade My Gun
  26. Understood
  27. United States Marine Corp.
  28. Valken Sports with their Valkyn corp players party
  29. World Wide Surplus

Add it all up and that’s over 10 football fields of paintball shopping glory!

Remember that if your favorite paintball company or any company that you would like to see isn’t listed tell us about them in the comments below and ask them to contact us on their facebook page. The more pressure we can put on people the more visibility our favorite sport gets. See you all in less than a month! And don’t forget to check out our ION Propaganda contest.

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