Invasion of Skirmishistan: Operation Overcome

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Invasion of Skirmishistan: Operation Overcome – AIRSOFT GAME!!!

When: 1/8/2012

Skirmish Paintball Directions

211 North Meckesville Rd

Albrightsville, PA 18210

Official Skirmish Waiver there will be waivers to fill out at skirmish, but it is recommended that you fill it out beforehand to save time.


Vendor:  Full Auto Airsort

Cost: $30.00: 5.00 deposit and 25.00 cash at the field, Paypal payments should be made to me with the appropriate information. My Paypal address is

Please include the following info with payment:

1. Real name

2. Callsign

3. Team name

4. Color you want to be


9:00-10:15-Registration and Chrono

10:30-5:00- AIRSOFT GAME!


-all players must have a barrel cover, they will be available for sale at skirmish

-all players must have FULL SEAL GOGGLES, NO MESH! NO GLASSES! If you do not bring the appropriate eyewear you will not be able to participate

-FPS limits are 400fps with .25’s for AEG’s, 500fps with .25’s for spring guns

-all players are required to wear the correct color camouflage for the team they sign up on. United Coalition will be Tan (multicam, DCU, ACU, ATACs, desert marpat, ect…) and Skirmishistan will be Green (olive drab, woodland, marpat, ect…)

Registration ends January 3rd, or when slots fill up.

In the last game at Skirmishistan, the United Coalition obtained proof of a nuclear weapon in Skirmishistan. This gave the UC legitimacy and the UC has begun preparation to launch another campaign with the goal of toppling the government of Skirmishistan.

Skirmishistan has learned of this planned attack, and has devised a method of defeating the Coalition forces. Skirmishistan’s military plans to take the UC’s supply hub in JimThorpia, which would make the war untenable for the UC. As January 8th draws near, the entire world watches to see who will control Skirmishistan.

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