Revolution 2776 & 1/2 Price Paint

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A one day scenario game  LIMITED to 250 PLAYERS

Revolution 2776 has Intense Missions, Multiple objectives, and a ton of different roles. $39.95 per person, pre-registered by 05/25/11.

If you have a group of 20+ players, the rate is $31.95 per person pre-registered. ($53.95 if you register late).

Free N2 air fills Plus 1/2 Price Paint!!!!

Revolution 2776

A 7-Hour Role-Playing Scenario Game by Wulfpak/G-Force Productions

June 4, 2011 (03/21/11)


  • $39.95 per person – pre-registered by 05/25/11
  • $31.95 per person for a group of 20+ pre-registered
  • $53.95 per person walk-on’s/late registration (after 5/25/11)
  • Note:  Game is limited to 250 players


  • Bring 10+ players:  One Person Plays Free, 1000 Paintballs
  • Bring 20+ players:  Two People Play Free, 2000 Paintballs, Group Rates
  • Bring 25+ Players:  Two People Play Free, 2000 Paintballs, Group Rates, Tippmann ’98 or One Case of Paint
  • Bring 30+ Players:  Three People Play Free, 2000 Paintballs, Group Rates, Tippmann A5 or One Case of Paint
  • Bring 40+ Players:  Four People Play Free, 2000 Paintballs, Group Rates, Tippmann X7 or One Case of Paint
  • Benefits are valid on advance reservations only and based on paying people present the day of game


Have ENTRY TICKET (liability waiver) WITH YOU – FILLED OUT & UNFOLDED – You can print from the website!!!

  • Receive:  Dog-tags, Wristbands, Maps, Rules
  • Everyone MUST have Wristbands, Dog-tags and hopper tape to play!!!
  • Lost Wristband or Dog-tags, please report to check-in window.
  • Your Wristband is proof of payment.  If lost, you will be asked to pay again!


  • 9:00am – 10:30am – Check-in for pre-registered players, Paint Sales, & Map Distribution
  • 10:30am – 11:00am – Game Orientation, Objective Assignments, Rules Briefing, Chrono
  • 11:00am – Game Begins
  • 6:00pm – Game Ends

TEAMS: United States vs. British

ROLES: Lieutenants, Artillery Gunners, Doctors, Communications Officers


U.S. Commander:  Big Bo                    British Commander: Pete Murphy

U.S. X.O. Walt “Ruger” Keely                British X.O.  Scott “Dozer” Major

PAINT: EVENT PAINT ONLY! Paint is 1/2 price - Only $50.00 per case no matter what case quantity you purchase!

RENTAL EQUIPMENT: If rental equipment is needed, there will not be an extra charge.  You must have a major credit card to use as a security deposit until equipment is returned.

FILLS: N2 Air is Free, Private Co2 Tanks are $3.00 for all day fills.

CAMO: $7.00 per rental  AMMO BELTS: $3.00 per rental  BODY ARMOR: $7.00 per rental

CAMO/BELTS/ARMOR COMBO: $15.00 per combo

CHRONO: Mandatory chrono at 280 fps max.  Chrono Stations will be near your insertion point.  Roaming judges will also be checking with hand-held devices. If you are shooting hot, you will be removed from play immediately!

FOOD: Available for sale throughout the game.

CREDIT CARD/CASH: Cash is quicker but we accept all major credit cards & travelers checks.

ATM: There is an ATM located on site.

ALLOWED: Flashlights, Paint Grenades, Perimeter Warning Devices, and Thermal Imagers.

PROHIBITED: Guns shooting over 280 fps, Hot Burning Smoke, Knives, Firearms, Flares, Rope, Wire, Portable Shields. NO Spotlights, NO Laser Sights, NO Pyrotechnics, NO Drugs, NO Alcohol!  NO FIREWORKS!!

SCENARIO: In the 28th Century, again the sun rises and sets on a global British Empire.  While the rest of the world submits to the British crown, the New Colonies of the United States rise up against this tyranny.  Join the futuristic Revolutionary War as a soldier from General Washington’s bloodline leads the charge against General Cornwallis’s descendants, 1,000 years to the date.

Call 1-800-SKIRMISH (1-800-754-7647) for reservations!

For more information on details not included on this sheet, please contact Joe Parisi – the game coordinator Email: or Cell: 732-925-6644

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