September Testimonials

Here is what you had to say about Skirmish USA:

Skirmish was the most kick-butt paintball experience I have ever had. Thank you so much for making it such a great place.


Skirmish Team,

I wanted to personally leave a message this time and thank the whole Skirmish team for being as amazing as they are in their efforts in making other peoples day as seamless and as fun as we want it to be. I had the pleasure of having 2 amazing refs in BIRD AND SPAR. Bird being a personal request as our ref (imagine that, you can even request a ref!) he loves seeing paintball wars go in full effect and constantly being of help to anyones inquires and or tips in being a better shooter if you’re a first timer. This place is by far the best in the business and well worth any drive from any distance, I have driven here 2 times now, its a 2 hour drive each way and it isn’t even a factor for the day you will have as you will never regret it.

Along with the fact that this place is soooo large you don’t even have time to see all the fields, their burgers are the perfect complement to something quick and tasty to get back on the fields and battle on. I have had the pleasure of going with 2 separate 20 man groups to Skirmish and each time all other 19 members whether it were their first time or not just spewed happiness and never ending stories on in field battles….


~Hamdy Elsayed · Works at Aka Central Park

Thank you for getting back to me so fast!  I’ve emailed other paintball fields and even if they do email me back it takes weeks or months.  My Mom says all I talk about is paintball and she’s right, I live, eats and breathe paintball.  My Mom is a single parent so we don’t have much money to go paintballing with so I usually have to use my money, everything I own from my gun to my gear and even events I go to I pay for.  Since we don’t have much money I save up all my money for scenarios and big games. Unfortunately I was supposed to attend I.O.N but my Dad ended up in the hospital so now I hope to attend Battle of Berlin instead, and maybe I will even have enough money to attend Battle of Stalingrad when that rolls around and for my birthday in June i want to participate in I.O.N like I was supposed to this year.  My dream would be to go to skirmish with the Team I’m forming (Team Shadow Force) for a day of rec’ball or a scenario.  Once again thank you for the quick response!

Thank You,

Your fellow paintball enthusiast,



I recently visited skirmish with a bunch of my friends.

This was the first time either of us every picked up a paint ball gun.

The experience was just amazing. the sheer numbers and size of the playing fields was awesome.

We would definitely want to come back in the fall or winters :)


To the Management of Skirmish:

First, I apologize for writing this so late…I meant to email you when we got home from our trip on Sat., July 30, 2011.  I then went on vacation and did not get back until today.

I had a group of students on a Paintball trip to Skirmish from Queen of Peace HS in N. Arlington NJ.

I was hesitant in having this trip, but after several requests from the students, gave in.

The experience we had, including me (and believe me, i was surprised), was great.  The students had a great time…and most importantly safe.

This brings me to my next point

The two refs we had, Jeff Rimm and Ryan Gregoire, were fantastic.  They clearly explained everything, including to me, and made us feel welcomed and made sure we had an enjoyable day.  They are 2 great representatives of your organization and ones you should be proud of.  I had already communicated this to your site manager, but wanted to let you know about 2 exceptional employees you have.  Sometimes things are taken for granted or customers don’t let the right people know, and it is simply a “thank you” the day of the event.  So, the treatment we received was outstanding, and as i told the two gentlemen (Jeff and Ryan), we would request them when we schedule our next trip.

~Mr. McGinnis, Queen of Peace High School

too everyone at skirmish, my friend and I were there on Monday. I just wanted to say that we had a great time. the refs were very professional and the staff was amazing. please keep up the great work. My friend and I are planning an event in sept. once again thank you.

~Marvin A. Kocher

Hey skirmish, just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic day of shooting people, my dad and i really enjoyed ourselves even if it was pouring. It was a blast and our refs were great

~Mike Avallone

Had a Great day with some friends, and the Refs; Alex and Morgan…were Awesome!!!

~Jay Alston

Hey just wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know what a great time I had playing there on Saturday.  Also wanted to make sure and mention that our two refs (Sheckler and Wooly Bear) got some much deserved praise.  Did a great job out there and made for an enjoyable day of play.  Look forward to coming back down again.

~Micah Lewis

Play friday and saturday night just a great place to play paintball great refs great fields and just and overall grade A+ staff. Keep up the good work

~Greg Ewing

Hello, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful day on your fields we all had. Was def. A great place to set up my brothers bachelor party. (9/10/2011). The ref. (spar) was great. Showed us a great time and was very professional yet. Thanks again skirmish!
~Mr. Labukas.

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