Skirmish Tank Rules!

Skirmish Tank Rules

  1. Tanks must have good visibility
  2. In play tanks speed limit is 5 mph.
  3. No tanks are allowed on the playing field after dusk.
  4. Tanks must furnish a 2’x3’ white flag to show when they are eliminated
  5. Everyone inside the tank must wear goggles
  6. Tanks may only insert into the game with Referee approval.
  7. Tanks must be accompanied by a referee at all times when on the Playing Field
  8. Tank insertions may only occur behind their own teams lines
  9. Tank referees will mark tanks with a flag corresponding to team colors
  10. Players may not touch the tank nor come within an arm’s reach of the tank
  11. Opposing team players may not come within 10 feet of an enemy tank.
  12. Players are prohibited from shooting into an opening on the tank.

Tank Kills

To kill a tank you can use a nerf rocket shot from an approved rocket launcher (200 fps and gun tech inspected) or by throwing a paint grenade. The Nerf rocket must be a direct hit on the tank to count ie no rebounding off the ground or buildings. The paint grenade MUST BREAK to count as a hit.

The first hit on the tank will disable it. This means that the tank is still in play and can continue shooting its guns. The tank will only be disabled for 5 MINUTES if in that time it is not hit again the tank will be allowed to start moving. If the TANK IS HIT A SECOND TIME within 5 minutes of the first shot THE TANK IS DEAD!  Once the tank is dead it must leave the playing field.

Note:  All launchers, shoulder or fixed, will be chronographed by field staff. Only launchers showing a visible inspection tag will be considered “approved.” All launchers must operate at no greater than 200fps. NO HOMEMADE LAUNCHERS WILL BE PERMITTED!

Tank Building Suggestion

At Skirmish USA we have very few if any trails for vehicles. We prefer to keep our woods as natural as possible. This means that at Skirmish we find the best tanks tend to be built on a frame no larger than a small jeep or better yet a mule type of vehicle. While width is the main concern for where you will be able to drive your tank height is also an issue as almost all of our fields are under some type of tree cover. Finally Skirmish assumes no responsibility for any type of equipment failure on your tank. If you bring your tank you are doing so at your own risk.

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