Spring Paintball Testimonials

Hi Skirmish,

I just would like to say that I had a fantastic time at Skirmish this Sunday. I have to say I love the environment and the castle and cargo are awesome! However, I swear I wouldn’t have had such an amazing experience without our ref for the day. I believe his name is Justin Harris. He was phenomenal and was such a great help; he really gave us all great energy and was really fair. I’d just like to give him props.

Thanks for the great day,

Megan Carey


I just have to pass along to you guys what a super time my son and I had this past Saturday, 4/26/14. Now, we drove from Albany, NY which is just about 3.5hrs – so we come some distance to play in a well controlled environment.  I have been playing paintball since 1981, back in the days with the old “splat masters” as markers.  I’m 50 years old and my son is 30, who’s been playing since he was about 12 years old.  Have been to Skirmish a few times, mostly for big events – this was the 1st time we’ve attended the “open play”.  I have to tell you, we had a super day.  The referee “Wooly Bear” was an extremely gifted young man, which just made the whole day of play that much better.

I’m all about “fair” play – EVERYONE gets shot/hit at some point.  If they tell you that they don’t their either lying, cheating or not playing.  There were just a couple of times that I asked the refs to watch “certain” players – I was in a group with a lot of “newbies” and felt it was is in everyone’s best interest.  Wooly Bear took extremely good control of the situations and handled it with great professionalism.  I was very impressed – I’m a national sports official for soccer(25 years), and I know and understand just how hard it can be to handle certain situations & people.  He did a wonderful job!  I can see why this person is a senior referee with Skirmish – super choice.

It has been a few years since I’ve been there and I totally love the new fields that have been added since then – Tippmann City, Fort Skirmish, Cargo, etc.; they are all great.  The time of 10-20 mins per game are perfect for the groups and their size.  Of course some of the best battles took place at Tippmann Castle – always one of my favorites. My son and I are already planning a few return trips for this year with other people who have become interested since hearing what a great time we’ve had.  I tip my hat to you Skirmish and everyone there – it is well worth the time of my travel to play paintball at what I feel is the #1 place.  Thank you for everything that you’ve accomplished there and for the sport; extremely well done in my opinion!  See you all soon.


CJ Meacham, Sr.

a.k.a. – the “old guy”/”pops”


Hi guys. I just wanted to say how outstanding my day was at skirmish. It was my first time ever going paint balling and I went with my father. I couldn’t have asked for a better day! It was very well organized, the people were so nice and the fun didn’t stop! Our refs were Sebastian and (?) Harris (justin? I can’t remember his first name, only his last). They were totally cool and very informative. Harris made sure to tell the rules loud and clear. It made me realize that I’m a tough cookie. I enjoyed every moment and look forward to coming again.






I wanted to take the time and thank everybody for an amazing time on 5/4.    Tiffany in group sales was amazing and  made our day run smooth.   She helped me plan everything and had some excellent ideas that made our day even more special.    We raised money for a great charity and fun doing it.   We can’t wait to plan our next event at skirmish.  I already have people asking me when our next event is.    Our referees, Brittany and Chris, we nice and professional.  They made sure we all had a great time.  I hope that they are available to referee our next event.  They were amazing.    Thanks for a great time!!!!!







I’m sure you here from satisfied  visitors all the time.  You have a very impressive business. I brought 7, 13 year olds and their fathers for a birthday on April 12th. Yankee and Megan were our captains. These two kept us safe, helped us all (especially our kids), were respectful and just a lot of fun. It was an awesome day. Most of us had never done this before. We will all be back.

Thank you Skirmish and thank you Yankee and Megan.



Thank you for the awesome speed ball game ! The refs were kind and they treated my little brother with respect as a new paintballer and rooted for him as he won 5th place in the amount of flags captured . Thank you for the experince you should tottally do this again.

Sincerly Alex and jorge a.k.a little man

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