Summer Tesitimonials

Good Evening Mr. Richard Moreland,


My name is Michael T. Hinnant Jr., the President of Cambridge Studios, Philadelphia, PA. On Saturday May 17th 2014, myself and a group of my family and peers visited and also paid patronage to your fine establishment. Let me first, open by saying that your staff, prices, and accommodations were impeccable. I would highly recommend  skirmish for any paint balling activity. The experience from both our novice and advanced players was phenomnanl. But what was most remarkable was that every first time player from our group wanted to return the very next day. So we just want to thank you and your team for the opportunity.

Furthermore, our experience would have not been the same. If not for Mr. Justin Harris, and his efficient crew; they were extremely hands on and helpful. And a far as my previous experiences at other facilities goes, your crew went above and beyond the call of duty. No pun intended.  So I am personally taking the time out of my schedule to let you know that the experience was unforgettable and we plan on returning fairly soon.


Best Regards

Michael T. Hinnant

Cambridge Studios

Philadelphia, PA



Marco Caruso & Jayden  were a great team of Referees!

I had a younger group with me, and they attached us to a great bunch of guys to play alongside, and against…..

We will be back and request them again!

Thanks again for a day of FUN N Guns~!

George Bonet


I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff  for welcoming the kids and Nerf Guns to Skirmish.  Everyone was so helpful and the kids had an absolute blast! The other parents loved the idea, and asked how I came up with it. Honestly, I have to say thank you to Paul for bending the rules.  I know this was the first ever “Nerf Party” and I just wanted to say thank you for allowing it to happen. Kristen, our Ref, was great with the kids. The photographer was excellent too and took great shots. The other staff members were so helpful too helping with transport of food and gifts to the top pavilion.  Caleb is already asking to do a “real paintball” party next year. The other kids referred to this as “Epic” and the “best birthday party ever”. What a great staff! We can’t thank you enough.

Stacy Dickerson


Thank you for the awesome speed ball game ! The refs were kind and they treated my little brother with respect as a new paintballer and rooted for him as he won 5th place in the amount of flags captured . Thank you for the experince you should tottally do this again.

Sincerly Alex and jorge a.k.a little man


Good Afternoon

Recently my friend had told me that she wanted to try paintball. I
grew up paintballing and have since lost all my gear but she had never
gone before. I was worried because neither of us had equipment or the
proper clothing. In the back of my mind I knew that most of the
paintballers I had ever been around were men and until now I hadn’t
thought about how friendly the sport was to women. When we came to
Skirmish I was pleasantly surprised. Both of us were wearing t-shirts
and were incredibly relieved to see that there were camo rentals. I
had no idea that you could literally come out with nothing but shorts
and a T-shirt and they would take care of the rest. The staff was very
helpful and friendly. They told us everything we needed to know about
staying safe and how to play. Our ref for the day was Alex Kish, he
was energetic and very friendly. Alex was responsive to our needs and
took us to some great fields where we had a blast.

We felt like what was important was the sport and winning. Your
experience level, gender, and the amount of equipment you owned didn’t
matter. Creating an atmosphere like that isn’t easy and I wanted to
thank you again for letting us be part of it. After yesterday I feel
more comfortable inviting my other friends who are new to the sport to
come out and play.

Best Regards,

Abe Khan


My best friend in the universe is going into that joyful occasion known as marriage in about a month. I figured what better way to send him into the great beyond than to light him up in the PA woods playing paintball! As best man, I had the duty to plan his bachelor party accordingly and boy did I deliver. Our day started with a sunrise skydive over the Poconos mountains. It was the first time for our group and everyone had a blast. But I digress, and the point of this comment was to give feedback on my SKIRMISH experience.

I played at Skirmish on Saturday (6/21) with a group of 8 guys and, let me tell you, we had a BLAST! I’ve been playing at Skirmish for almost 10 years now and it was by far one of the best experiences yet. We played all day and considered staying for Castle Nights but we were wiped out. They really have paintball down to a science and it makes it friendly for seasoned vets and first timers alike. Seriously, after we left everyone couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had. Everyone in the group wanted to make sure I gave feedback about our AMAZING ref CJ! (Sorry don’t remember his last name) He was super friendly, knowledgeable, and made sure everyone had a great time. Our group was combined with 3-4 other groups and he made the integration seamless, the teams were even, and everyone got to play what they wanted. CJ really made our day remarkable and I can’t give him enough props. Thanks again, Skirmish! You never let me down.


Hi Skirmish,

I went to play on your fields this past week and i had an amazing time. It was my first time paintballing and i hope to return soon. My referees Garrett and Brian were both extremely helpful as well. I also appreciate the fact that afterwards someone from your company approached us asking for feedback. I would say that overall you guys run a pretty good operation that works very efficiently.

However, i do wish there could be better access to water, such as spigots, or perhaps a place to buy water closer to the fields (a vending machine would be perfect, if there are outlets nearby). I also wish that the ammo belts had more pockets in them. so that i could fit my phone and keys in there. Anyway, just my two cents. I am hoping to come back with a group of my own next time.

Miles, NY


Thank you to everyone for taking the time out of your day to write to us. And Miles we are looking into possible water solution. If you have anything to add please send us an e-mail or leave it in the comments below!

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