Testimonials from December

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Here is what our paintball players said about their trip to Skirmish in December…

If the world does end on Friday, December 21, 2012, I would like to spend my last moments playing paintball at Skirmish USA!   ~Ivan

I wanted to say what a great place Skirmish is. I was in a group of 5 that showed up after driving 3 hours on the 14th of Dec to play 1/2 price paint day. We were the only ones there and they still let us play. We were able to play any field; the container field was awesome with so few people. The ref (Mike Gold) was great and we had a blast. Not many places would allow 5 people to play.   ~Shawn M.

Myself and three friends played with you guys last weekend, and our ref suggested we email our feedback to you.  We’ve been playing Skirmish for years, and I wanted to say thank you so much for running such a great field.  All the refs are great, the system is organized, and the pro-shop is helpful.  Your people do a great job of keeping the masses of amateurs organized, so Skirmish veterans like us can still have a good time without spending half our day waiting on the group.  I love your fields and, though I haven’t had the chance to come to any of the large events, I plan to do so soon.  ~Garett

I have been trying to go to Skirmish USA for the past three years and finally it came through on November 23 and 24th. I have been playing paint ball since 1981. Since then I have become a father of 4 kids and tow grandkids. I have played paintball all over the Caribbean and the USA.
Skirmish USA has exceeded my expectations. The entire staff, from registration, guiding, and the judges were outstanding. Pete, as we call him Piña Colada, was so friendly and professional that we requested him on the second day. We are definitely coming back and will recommend this to everyone. In my 31 years in this sport the staff at Skirmish the best. Thank you for showing me and my family so much hospitality and interest in making our day perfect.   ~Sincerely Daddy Emil Sr.

I brought a group of 18 mostly-new players to Skirmish USA last Friday.  Everyone reported having a great time.  I know I did.  We had an age range of 15 to 55.  Boys and girls; “older” men and women too.  Everyone played nicely, laughed a lot and now wants to make this a yearly post-Thanksgiving tradition.  Actually, the younger folks want to come back sooner!  The older group will wait until the aches and pains subside.  Thanks especially to Tyler and James “Peach” for keeping everyone safe and for tolerating all our questions.  (We had one player who had trouble comprehending Tyler’s directions for the safety rule “surrender or die.”  That was riot.)  All the staff were pleasant and helpful, so thanks should go to everyone there.  But Tyler and James, in particular, did an outstanding job.   ~John L.


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