Testimonials from March and April

Testimonials from Skirmish Paintball

Here is what our players are saying about their Skirmish Paintball experience.  Let us know how your day with us went.  Email info@skirmish.com or write a post on our Facebook Page.

Thank You! I would look further into that. This is why I love Skirmish so much! Your customer service is amazing! I’ve only been to Skirmish once which was last year April and I had such an amazing time! I felt safe and comfortable. By the end of the day I felt like a paintball warrior. Your refs are amazing and I cannot wait to come back! Thank you for the awesome service and the memories that will last forever!    – Jarid M.

I must write to tell you how fabulous the day was. My daughter Peyton chose 8 friends to accompany her to Skirmish for her birthday. From first arriving, meeting Karen, who only said my name twice in 3 minutes… Yet remembered my name and checked in with me all day!! To the referee assigned to the group –Colin… What a day! The party ranged in age from 15- 21. They all had a blast. It was cold! There was some ice…. But not one complaint was heard from them. They are keen to come back and play.  I didn’t know what to expect. As a non-participant (seriously at 44, I cannot go hard like those kids can), I had wonderful conversation, a great bonfire to keep me warm, and the knowledge that the partiers were safe, supervised and enjoying the day. I marveled at how kind and friendly all of the other groups of players were. You have an amazing set up!  The group loved their ref Colin. Thank you for making me the “best mom” with no effort on my part LOL. We will be back!!   – Jessica C

Been paintballing over 100 times. Never had such a great time thanks to our ref Tyler. He was fun, professional, and knowledgeable. Awesome time.  – Ryan J.

I’ve paintballed a bunch of times and been to a few fields but none can or could compare to my experience at Skirmish Paintball. This was my first time here surprisingly. It was amazing with all the fields they had to offer, the organized games even with the sheer size of players. Tech area was friendly and helped with everything. The pro shop had everything I needed. And the cherry on top was the amazing Refs we had with Avery and Pocket. They made the experience that much more fun and is what will make me want to come back to Skirmish USA. Thank you for the experience.   – Kevin M

Had the great opportunity to visit your fields on April 6, 2013. I must say that out of all the paintball playing fields I have visited, Skirmish has been the best. Every other field out there has high bar to meet, set by you guys, and that bar is maintained high by your refs. I had a party of a total of 16 members, age ranging from 10yrs old to early 30s. We all had a blast, and the refs made sure that happened. Rob Cunningham and Keenan Morrison were great Refs. They both interacted with each member of my group accordingly and professionally. I admire the fact that Rob and Keenan’s priority was always our safety, especially looking out for the little ones. I couldn’t have asked for more out of these two gentlemen. We are already planning the next adventure in your fields.  – Bernabe D

I don’t know if it can be used but it just came to mind. ADIDAS (All Day I Dream About Skirmish). Which is probably somewhat true. My wife asked me once, if I die do I wanna be cremated, or put in a drawer. I said “if I die, have me cremated, and spread my ashes at the Tippmann Castle.” I don’t think she liked my answer. Anywa,y just wanted to share the Adidas thing.     Thanks Tom

I just wanted to drop a line to you and tell you how awesome of outfit you all have going there. However and more importantly, I wanted to tell you how excellent your employees are at delivering first class customer service.

Some of my work and personal families got together on Sat the 23rd to play. Some of us have extensive experience and some didn’t. Your staff working the check-in and rentals were great. Super friendly and seemed to really enjoy interacting with the customers. But I have to tell you, the referees were TOP NOTCH. Every single one of them that I encountered all day long could not have been more cordial, friendly and helpful.

Customer service is the name of the game at Skirmish and it shows. Because of the way that we were treated yesterday, I am already planning our next visit.

Please keep up the great work.  – Michael K


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