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Skirmish was undeniably the best paintball field I have ever been to. The paint was cheap in price but expensive in quality. The ref’s were excellent in game skills and marker systems maintenance. Our ref was authoritative, interactive, and he was funny. He got great fields for us to play on, and was getting us closer and closer to the Field all of us wanted to play on… Tippmann Castle! But the day was ending.
— Brax

Paintball is a little pricey in general but Skirmish makes it TOTALLY WORTH IT! The fields are large, plentiful and diverse. The staff is top notch. Friendly, helpful and sincerely concerned for players’ safety.
— Chris H

Skirmish is great due in fact that it’s a great get-a-way from an urban life. Besides the fun and adrenaline rush provided in paintballing, it also provides a great hiking experiencing since they have over 66 acres of woodland. This type of venue would be appreciate by anyone who loves hiking, being outdoors and into light-extreme sporting.
— Luis T.

I came to play yesterday, July 22nd with a couple friends and we had such a great time mostly thanks to our referee, Dave Patton.  He got us through matches quickly with only necessary downtime.  He was fair, friendly, accommodative and professional.  I have been playing at Skirmish for years now and Patton is one of my favorite refs.  I will always request him when I come to play and hope to see him on your staff for a long time.  I would also really appreciate it if you let him know what a great job he does and that I hope to see him August 5th as we plan on coming for 1/2 price paint day!
-Clint Osmun

This past Saturday we hosted our son’s 12th birthday party at Skirmish USA.  It was every one’s first time playing paintball and we had a blast – it was so much fun!The staff was very friendly and helpful organizing the event andnavigating us around.  I’d especially like to thank Brody Wagner who was our ref for the day.  His patience and helpful tips really helped to make a memorable day.   Again thank you, for a great day.  We hope to return in the future.                     -David S.

Had a hell of a time yesterday!! Tom White was a fun and great head ref with the assisting of Mike Gold..Definitely would paintball under there watch anytime…Keep up the good work guys.  I’ll be back ASAP.          -Alex D.

Skirmish Paintball!! Thank you for hosting ION.  It has been an unforgettable experience.  We’d like to thank the Reffs for doing such a great job on and off the field with safety and always being in site wherever the game was taking place, the list goes on and on, so in short you guys were on point and thank you for working so hard so we could all have a good time.  CAN’T WAIT FOR BERLIN!!       -Blackout Protocol

Well to start off, thank you staff and players alike. All of  you ballers, your dedication to the sport.  Skirmish staff, you spent hours of your time setting this up, and kept it interesting, fun and safe! I cannot say it enough, thank you.  Jersey Instinct and I will be back for Berlin, Stalingrad and ION 2013, maybe more if possible.  It was an honor to play with all of you, hell a game and now I must get a hell of a nights sleep!  Keep playing; Keep that burning passion; Keep coming back, I’m looking forward to seeing you.       – Jeff L

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