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1/2 Price Paint Day

May 21, 2017

What's Happening?

If ever there was a day to clear your schedule and head out to Skirmish, this was it. A deal so big, so awesome, so unbelievable that you have to blink and read the screen again to make sure it's real.

$52.00 per case of paint! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

If you don't come to Skirmish for this deal, do you really play paintball?

Come to Skirmish on this day to buy cases of paint for a discount! This deal is for players ONLY. No buy and bail will be allowed!


  • $29.99 per person - preregistration discount
  • $34.99 per person - game day registration


  • entry into over 700 acres of paintball maps
  • paintball gun
  • goggles/facemask
  • unlimited N2 air fills
  • professional referees
  • access to half price paint discount
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