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Castle to Castle Play at Skirmish

September 02, 2017

Tippmann Castle

Skirmish has over 50 playing maps. We've got about 750 acres. We have maps that are completely filled with woods, ones with bridges and bunkers, and ones with entire cities! We have open fields, huge shipping containers, air filled bunkers, and down helicopters. With all of these features and new ones every year, the most played and most revered field is and probably always will be.....Tippmann Castle.

The castle is timeless, respected, and just huge. At Skirmish, we understand that everyone wants to be at Tippmann. Sometimes, you can't always play it because other teams beat you to it. At Castle Nights Paintball, everyone plays at the Castle. Between Empire Castle and Tippmann Castle, you're either defending or charging. Either way, you're playing the biggest and the best.

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Join us for Castle Nights Paintball at Skirmish for only $24.99 per person. Come in the morning and pay the standard admission fee($29.99) and you can play Castle Nights Paintball for free!


  • $24.99 per person - preregistration discount
  • $29.99 per person - game day registration

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