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Skirmish Fall 5-Man:

8 teams signed-up, 3 teams unable to show due to Hurricane Sandy, 5 teams attended

The tourney was run as a double round robin

Sofa Kingdom 1st place – 975 points

Sofa Kingdomer            2nd place – 790 points

Sofa Kingdom Blue       3rd place – 535 points

Fatal                             4th place – 450 points

Duck Rabbits                5th place – 355 points

Although the weather was cold and windy, there was no precipitation, allowing for a good clean tournament.

5-man Woodsball Tournament.  $99 per team entry, $74.00 case paint, Round Robin Fornat wuith 7-9 games per team, 16 team max.  Plaques will be given to the top 4 teams.


  • Semi-auto only.  No full auto, reactive triggers, burst fire, or turbo boards allowed.
  • Chrono limit is 280fps on, and 290fps off.  Exceptions will not be made for CO2 spikes.
  • All players must have their barrels touching the Start Box for game start.
  • All Refs’ calls are final.  Arguing will only get you penalized.
  • Any discrepancies will only be heard from the Team Captain and the player(s) involved.
  • Once the score sheet is signed by the Team Captain, the score is final.
  • Barrel plugs are mandatory when not in play.
  • Hits on the flag do not count.
  • Each player may only have one gun in his/her possession.
  • Players are not permitted to use foul language or racial/ethnic slurs.
  • Live players must check-in to the Head Ref at the end of the game, or they will be counted as eliminated.
  • If you kneel on a ball or rub against a bunker, call for a Ref immediately, or you may be eliminated.
  • Eliminated players are to exit the field with their gun or their hand over their head.
  • Physical contact is prohibited.
  • The flag must be visible at all times.
  • You must have clear control of a flag to constitute a flag pull.
  • If a team does not show for a game, it’s considered a forfeit – max points will be awarded to the opposed team.  If a team drops out or leaves prior to playing all of their scheduled games, the scores of all played games will stand as is, and unplayed games will be treated as forfeits.
  • Players are not permitted to discard any equipment or gear on the field, with the exception of pods.
  • Players may only use field paint, this includes shooting ranges and chrono areas.  Any player that is hit with non-Skirmish paint will be allowed to continue to play.
  • The Team Captain is responsible for the actions of all those on his/her team.
  • The tournament will not be delayed for any team for any reason.  All teams must report to the Start Box on time or will forfeit the game.
  • Harnesses, packs, or ball-haulers must be worn over top the outer-most layer of clothing.
  • Neoprene covers are not permitted on hoppers.
  • Players are not considered to be neutral during hands-on paint checks.
  • Winners are determined by most accumulated points throughout the entire tournament.  In the event of a tie, the two tied teams will play it out.
  • Do not discharge guns in the parking area or Picnic Area.
  • Please clean up your area before you leave.
  • Food will be available.  The tournament will not be breaking for lunch.
  • Players are responsible for starting each game clean.  Wipe off all old hits prior to game start.
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited.  Players under the influence will be removed from the tournament.
  • The Head Ref has sole discretion to stop or continue a game due to an injury on the field. In the event a player is injured, a Ref will ask the injured player if he/she wishes to continue.  If the player does not continue, it will be counted as an elimination.  If the game is stopped, all players must remain where they are until the Head Ref resumes the game.


  • First flag pull                             +25 points (must have clear control)
  • Flag possession with no hang    +15 points (cannot earn points for first flag pull AND flag possession in the same game)  A team can only earn points for this once per game.
  • Flag hang                                   +50 points (ends the game)
  • Each eliminated opposing player  +5 points
  • 5-Man tournament = 100 points max per game
  • 3-Man tournament = 90 points max per game


  • Chronoing off between 291-300fps          -10 points (3-shot average)
  • Chrono’ing off 301fps and over               -25 points (3-shot average)
  • Dead man talking or side-line coaching   -25 points
  • Arguing with Refs or staff                       -50 points
  • Playing with obvious hit                          -50 points
  • Playing with unobvious hit                      -10 points
  • Wiping                                                     -50 points AND another teammate eliminated
  • Chrono tools on field                               -50 points
  • Foul language                                          -10 points
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct                       -50 points AND player may be ejected from tournament
  • Freight training   -50 points/player who impedes timely elimination of other players within the train.  Marked players in the train are treated as playing on with an obvious hit.

It’s reasonable to assume that not every possible outcome or circumstance will be covered by these rules.  We should not assume that just because it’s not in print, that it becomes permissible.  It’s for this reason that Management reserves the right to change or modify these rules for the purpose of safety and fairness.

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