The Proving Grounds 24 Hour AirSoft Game

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This event has already passed.
Skirmish AirSoft
Tan Team is sold out! If you want to play make sure to get your reservations in ASAP.
The Proving Grounds
Saturday-Sunday, 26-27 July 2014
0900-0900 – 24 hour game
June 8th is the last day for early bird registrations after which the price will go up to $60 prepaid and $40 at the field to register  go to

200 Players Max

Ages: 16 and up
$30 to register and $40 due at the field.The tension that had been brewing for months in Bizumungu exploded yesterday as General and warlord Omondi Odumbe bought the deadly ‘Detrotoxin’ virus from the Black Market. This virus has wreaked havoc in countries like Namibia, Ethiopia & Somalia. Scientists have determined that the virus is a mutated and bioengineered form of the Ebola, SARS and Hepatitis A viruses. Amidst this hostility, the country is going through the worst draught in its entire history. The victorious Odumbe military has commandeered the American sent Food and Antidotes all over the country. Tens of thousands have been killed in the fighting or executed thereafter. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Thousands of desperate refugees have begun to pick up arms and started to revolt against the cruel regime. Although there are peacekeepers deployed, no word yet on the United Nations’ reaction to the coup, but United States forces have already begun to evacuate its embassy. Complete Storyline on the Webspage at Forces/Tan Team – Any Tan Camo (Gear color does not count!) Desert Marpat, Chocolate Chip, UCP, ACU, Tri Color, ATACS Arid, Multi Cam all will be included in this team (50 spots available) Reserved for Military Veterans onlyBizumungu National Army/Green Team – Any Green Camo (Gear color does not count!) Woodland Marpat, Woodland Camo, Tiger Stripe, ATACS Foliage Green all will be included in this team
(50 spots available)Bizimungu Rebel Forces (BRF) – If You are 16 and 17, and not on a team or on a team with a lot of minors, you will be assigned to this team, There is no Camo, Please wear street clothes, There is no restriction on Chest rigs/Plate Carriers/Vests; carrying mags in pockets is recommended.
(50 spots available)United Nations Team (UN Team) – No Camo Restrictions; you WILL however wear a blue band and/or Blue head gear.
(50 spots available)

This is a basic Milsim event in the sense of real-caps/mid-caps only etc drum mags for faithful recreations of real world LMG’s only etc!

Players can contact me at or for more questions.
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