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SOV Productions is honored to announce our next installment of our Vietnam themed scenario games.

On May 9th, 1972, President Nixon authorized Operation Linebacker which was the title of the U.S. Seventh Air Force and U.S. Navy Task Force 77 air interdiction campaign conducted against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The purpose of Operation Linebacker was to halt or slow the transportation of supplies and materials from the Easter Offensive which the North Vietnamese Army launched on March 30th, 1972 against South Vietnam. Linebacker was the first continuous bombing effort conducted against North Vietnam since the bombing halt instituted by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968.
Can the Peoples Army of Vietnam continue the assault towards Saigon and push the United States out of the war? Will the U.S. Navy and United States Marine Corps push the Peoples Army of Vietnam back North and save their South Vietnamese allies?
It’s up to you!  Pick the side you would like to play for and experience SOV Productions version of Operation Linebacker on September 13th, 2014 at Skirmish USA!!!!!
  • Navy Admiral- Chris Frack of Team Task Force Black
  • Marine X.O.- Jim O’Connor of Team Valor
North Vietnamese Army (NVA)
  • North Vietnamese General- Seamus Mariarz of Team War Machine
  • North Vietnamese X.O.-   Jeff Holland 1st Fallschmeigers
  • $39.99 a person
  • $34.99 a person for a group registration for 20 plus..
  • $74 for a case of paint – two types of paintballs will be available for this game.
Check-in: 9:30 A.M.
Game Begins at 11:00 A.M.
Game Ends  5:00 P.M.


Game rules:

 Demolition Rules

Each General will have up to 2 tanks per side.  Each tank must be accompanied by a skirmish ref while on the game map.   One hit by a LAW rocket, dynamite or paint grenade will disable the tanks movement for a period of five minutes.  A second hit will eliminate the tank and it will have to return to its insertion point and wait a period of 15 minutes.  If a second hit is not achieved within the 5 minute time frame, the tank will be considered repaired and can move on its way.

**Important** the tank may still use its main gun and markers while it is disabled.


Each team may have up to 3 Demolition specialists (LAW men) on field at once.  Generals will be given 3 Demo Cards to hand out as they see fit.  Players carrying a launcher MUST have this card in order for the hits to count.  The General and XO can reassign this card throughout the day if needed.

**Important** only manufactured launchers are allowed (Metaldyne, JCS etc) no homemade jobs!
All launchers must be chronod to Skirmish rules (TBD)
**Important** make sure the Demo players gets a refs attention before shooting: “YO REF!!”

Bunker Busting

Bunker busting rules will be in effect for this game.  All manmade structures including log bunkers will be in play for this.  If a rocket hits a structure, all players in and around that structure will be considered dead players.  There will be a 10’ radius rule in effect.   The refs decision is final, do not argue.
-Fallen trees and rocks do not count as a bunker.

**Important** Two story structures require TWO hits to eliminate all players.  One rocket must hit the first floor; one rocket must hit the second floor.

Dynamite can be purchased from certain players and at The USO.  Set the dynamite up behind a bunker or structure then notify a ref of its location.  Once a poor soul runs into the bunker, you may detonate it by letting the ref know you are doing so.  The ref will then remove all players from that area and return the dynamite back to game central for re-distribution.

Helicopter and Tunnel Rats

The American General will get the use of ONE Huey helicopter (helo).  This will be a “Huey on a stick” just like last year.  The helo can travel to any part of the map carrying up to 6 players plus the pilot.  The Players must “fly” in a 2 wide x 3 deep formation with the pilot at the front holding the helo in the upright position with BARREL BAGS ON.   While in flight, all players on board are immune to hits sustained while walking to their destination.  Once they have reached their destination, the pilot must lay the helo on the ground to indicate that they have landed.  Once this is accomplished, the 6 passengers are live.   The Pilot can then take off and either return to base for more passengers or circle the area waiting for to take players somewhere else.
**Important** the Pilot is protected even while landing.
**Important** the only way to kill the pilot is to shoot the chopper down by hitting the “sweet spot” on the helo.  If the sweet spot is hit, all passengers will be considered dead players and the helo will have to return to the CP and wait until the top of the hour to re-spawn.


Tunnel Rats
The NVA General will receive one Tunnel Rat card to distribute to his sneakiest player.  This card can be changed to another player at anytime by the General or XO.  The Tunnel rat may take up to 6 players with him/her to skirt the OUTSIDE of the tape line and insert ANYWHERE on the map regardless of who occupies that area.  The Rats must have BARREL BAGS ON the entire time they are outside of the map.  Once they cross the border into play they will be considered LIVE players.  They cannot shoot until they are live!! Rats cannot be eliminated while they are on the outside of the tape line (they are considered in a tunnel…). Once inserted, the Tunnel rat can either go back to CP for more players via the tunnels or hang around and escort players off field or to another area of the map via the tunnels (this is a change from last year).  The Tunnel Rat must carry the TR card at all times.  If the Rat is eliminated, the card goes back to the CP and will re-spawn at the top of the hour.



**There MUST be an SoV ref with the Huey and the Rats at all times


Each general will receive 3 Medic cards.  Medics can heal dead players on the spot this way they do not have to take the long walk back to insertion.  Players simply walk up to the medic and tag in, or if your medic is ballsy enough, he/she can make a run into a hot zone so a player does not have to give up position.  If there is no medic around to heal the player, he/she must re-insert.  A medic CANNOT heal himself.  If a medic is hit, he/she must re-insert.  Medics will be identified team tape on both arms along with a white tape.  Medics are allowed to carry a weapon.

Players eliminated by a Bunker Bust, Carpet Bombing , napalm strike or headshot cannot be healed by a medic and MUST re-insert
Generals, PLEASE make sure your players understand this, last year skirmish handed out medic cards and it caused all kinds of confusion.  There will be NO medic cards.  Only your medics can heal your players.  You will have 3 per side (the field is big). 



Each general will receive one aircraft pilot card and prop plus a single load out of munitions.  The pilot must carry the plane prop in the upright position as he navigates the field.  The Plane can lay down napalm, run carpet bombing missions or use a sidewinder missile.  The pilot can only “fire” the munitions that he has on board at the time of his flight.

Carpet Bombing
The pilot can carpet bomb an area so long has he has the load out card indicating so.  The pilot hands over the card to the SoV ref and tells him the area that is to be bombed.  The ref will then clear the general area of players and inform them that they are all dead and need to re-insert.  The area will be subject to the ref’s discretion, this will make up for the human error factor of war.  If your own players are in the area, they will be eliminated as well.

Napalm works the same way as carpet bombing except that the ref will now outline the affected area with red danger tape.  That area is now on fire and is unusable for a period of 30 minutes.  Anyone crossing into that area will be eliminated immediately.  This goes for building structures as well.  i.e. The Hood.

Sidewinder missiles are used to shoot down other planes.  You CANNOT shoot the helo down with these.  If the pilot runs into the other plane on the field and gets the drop on him, he can hand over his sidewinder card and tell the ref that he wants to shoot down the other plane.  The ref will then remove the other plane from the field and return it to Game central where it will re-spawn at the bottom of the hour.  Sidewinders are air to air only; they cannot take out a tank.

Role Players
There will be several role players on field.  You will know them when you see them.  Any and all players can interact with the role players, it is encouraged.  You can gain valuable Intel, money, props and even a mission if you play your cards right.  Be aware that some role players are there to serve themselves…

River Bandits
The River Bandits are commanded by Michael “Crapgame” Holt of Team Predator.  The River Bandits are comprised of all the members of Team Predator including their Tank.  You can purchase services from them throughout the day.  The amount of time they stay with you or the type of service will be handled between the General/XO and Crapgame.

The Plantation Owner
The Plantation owner is a very unique character played by a very unique character (Alan “Shaggy” Mendel of Team Predator).  Go visit him often to see what he has to offer.

The War Correspondent
The Lord of War has seen the light and has taken a vow of peace.  Col. Ernie returns to us this year as the War Correspondent.  He will be on field talking to your soldiers, getting their stories, helping them along.  All those stories he is getting may just lead to some valuable Intel.  Do not pass up an opportunity to speak to him

Go visit the Bunny’s (Tinkle and Jinx) at the USO frequently.  They will have plenty of things for you to do.  There will be money to be won, props to get and all around fun to be had.  All are welcome to stop by, so make sure every one of your troops is aware that it is there.  Last year there were a lot of players that were not aware that that it was open to the public.  The USO will be set up on the stage near the Tourney Pavilion from game start until 4:30pm.

All information on Lynch is Classified.  De-Classification date is set for September 13th 2014


What counts as a hit?
All body hits count
Marker hits DO NOT count

You can barrel tag a player if you get the drop on them and ONLY if it’s safe.  Do not shoot a player from under 10 feet away and if you do get that close, give them the option to surrender.  If they move on you, then one shot to the pack will suffice.  This is not a huge game and the players attending are all here to play fair and honest.

Barrel tags can come in the form of, but not limited to; markers, toy knives, nerf hatches/swords, tiger/snake cards, malaria etc… no bananas, sticks or mud balls, they won’t count and you will probably get lit up.

Tiger, snake and malaria
The jungles of Vietnam are a dangerous place, not only do you have to watch out for the enemy proper, you also have to keep your eyes open for natural predators.  There will be a select amount of Bengal Tiger, Anaconda and Malaria cards floating around on field.  If a player is handed one, they are instantly eliminated and must re-insert, but they get to keep the card and use it on someone else, preferably their buddies or spouse.   These cards are “on field only”.

Bunker busting, air strikes and tanks – see above

Navy Seals and Viet-Cong
Both teams will have the ability to choose up to 10 players to be their Special Operations teams.  These players will get a special color tag from skirmish to designate them as the Elite players.  At the beginning of the game you will send your S/O teams out to gather up flag stations.  They will be escorted by an SoV ref to a designated area on the tape line where they will insert at game start.  They are free to move around the map as they see fit, but at 11:30 the flags will be counted and they better get you some real-estate out there so you can start racking in the points.

These guys should be the best of the best, they should instill honor and pride in the other players.  Remember that you and your XO may not be on field much so you are going to need someone to lead the troops into battle.



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