Skirmish & Valken’s World Record Speedball Game!

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Skirmish’s World Record Speedball Game – sponsored by Valken

May 10, 2014

The World Record Speedball Game will consist of two teams playing on over 200 bunkers made of wood, plastic, air, dirt and metal. These bunkers will be located on a 10 acre playing field.  To determine which team is “The World Record Speedball Champions” we will place 20 flags every 20 minutes.

It’s only $20 to play and $20 per bag of paint (500 rounds) or Redemption paint at $85 per case (2000 rounds).  The team with the most flags wins!

For this World Record Game, the entire winning team wins bragging rights AND an exclusive World Record Speedball Championship t-shirt from Valken Sports.  This shirt not only proclaims your victory, it helps rub it in!   But Wait, that’s not all – the individual with the most flags at the end of the game will walk away with a World Record Speedball MVP plaque and $500 in cash or a silver bullion. Flag holders in 2nd through 5th place will also receive prizes including guns, equipment, passes, etc.

The game will be 6 continuous hours, starting at 11:00am, with a 10 min penalty box for shot players. The Guinness Book of World Records has been contacted so come out and help us set a record!

NOTE:  In order to receive a winning t-shirt, you must pre-register two weeks in advance.

We will be allowing players to use the standard PSP firing rules of 12.5 balls per second ramping for this event and this event only.

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