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  • Alex

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Tyler

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Brittney

    Brittney has been reffing for 3 years now and her favorite field is Gauntlet because she loves the backyard feel of woodsball. Brittney’s favorite thing about working at Skirmish is the family feeling between the owners, staff, and players. Brittney loves  to play sports and she enjoys working with special needs children on her days off.

  • Leah

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Wyatt

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Glenn

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Alysse

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Pickles

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Dimitar

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Richard

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Kyle
    Kyle D.

    Kyle has worked at Skirmish for more than two years. His favorite fields to play are Fort Skirmish, Gauntlet and Stealth. (There are multiple options to sneak around and flank) Tippmann City and Tunnels are his favorite fields as a Referee. This way he  can watch everything without getting in the way.
    Kyle is a Marine veteran, who likes to go shooting. Kyle’s hobbies are astronomy, single or double displacement reactions, and sushi. Kyle loves creating new games that encourage teams to work together in order to win, and also the post game commentary when everyone talks about their epic exchange of paintball fire, or an instance that someone did something hilarious.

  • Jenn

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Ian
    Ian S.

    Ian is known at Skirmish by the nickname Crawfish and is new to the Skirmish family.  Ian’s doesn’t necessarily have a favorite field but he does love to be places where he can dance and run on. Ian loves to make people laugh so he will be sure to tell you some corny jokes throughout the day. His favorite thing about working at Skirmish is the opportunities to meet all different types of people and to have some competition with his fellow refs.

  • Damion

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Ryan

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Jasmine

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Kirsten

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Justin
    J. Harris

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • Korben

    New but great referee, very adaptable to any and most all groups. loves the structure and huge woods fields. young guy with a good angle on paintball.

  • tyson

    Bio Coming Soon!

  • terry ref

    Terry Milheim retired from the Army after 26 years in and has been deployed twice overseas and traveled the world with the Army. Terry has been at skirmish about three years now and worked at Skirmish in the late 90’s . Terry loves to Ref but will always make sure your goggles are on!

  • rob:
    Ryan D.

    Ryan has been working at Skirmish for a over a year. His favorite field is Tippmann City. He enjoys the use of urban combat. Ryan enjoys anime, manga, video games and of course paintball in his free time.

  • KSP_5177

    Rich started playing paintball many years ago.  Long story short, he now has the task of managing the entire ref staff.  Rich is the man that ultimately makes sure the paintall refs are where they need to be at the right time and have all the equipment they need for a fun and safe day on the paintball fields.

    Paintball refs are often known to be a little . . .ummm… unconventional, therefore Rich compares his job to herding cats into water. Many would agree that there is no better man for the job though. From the moment a ref begins the training process to the moment they win the coveted position of  “paintbal ref of the year”, Rich prepares the Skirmish ref staff for success.

    Rich has judged for many years,  won the title as ‘most requested ref’ time after time, and has also served in the Marines as a helicopter gunner, therefore teaches with first hand experience.  Once you meet the refs, you will understand that Rich puts his heart and soul into making sure the staff is trained properly so you, the player,  have the best experience possible.

  • colin

    Colin has been reffing and playing paintball at skirmish since 2001.  He has always been known for his kindness and hard work ethic.   In his free time he enjoys carving chainsaw sculptures and attending Jeremy Clarkson look alike contests.  As a woods-ball enthusiast he enjoys our heavily wooded fields like Enchanted Forest and Shadowlands

  • Mike

    Mike G is known around Skirmish for his excellent customer service skills.  In response to being asked what his favorite part of working for Skirmish is, Mike replied:  “I just love seeing so many people have so much fun!”   

    Mike is often found greeting players as they arrive at the fields each morning.  You’ll have to call well in advance to request him as your ref though because he was a close contender for ‘most requested ref’ at last years staff party.  In his free time he enjoys sampling craft brews and has even been know to make a batch or two of his own.  Mike’s favorite paintball map is Tippmann City because of the large buildings and complex shooting angles.

  • Y. Revzin
    Y. Revzin

    Y. Revzin fuels his paintball addiction by reffing at Skirmish.  His aspirations are to one day compete in the National Paintball League but for now competes in some of the local paintball tournaments.  When not working at Skirmish, Revzin is taking classes to get his scuba diving certification and enjoys Thai food.  He also makes sure to attend Skirmish’s Invasion Of Normandy game every July.

  • Emily

    Emily was a horseback rider before she found the sport of paintball and started working at Skirmish.  She says paintball fits her personality better and the people here are a lot more fun to hang out with.  On most days she likes to take her groups away from the hustle and bustle of the picnic area and play fields like Shadowlands and Stealth.

  • A'Hearn

    A’Hearn, like many of our Refs, has a passion for paintball that started with the military.  After serving for four years, A’Hern started working at the Skirmish fields because it seemed familiar to him, the people are nice to work with, and it keeps him in shape.  A’Hearn started working at Skirmish but soon found he enjoys playing paintball as much as he does reffing it.  While out playing A’Hern enjoys the Tippmann Castle because of the exciting game play and large scale games that are unique to Skirmish.



  • Kathleen

    Kathleen’s favorite time to ref is during the castle nights games.  “I like how many people play in one game!  People love to play from castle to castle, and when it starts to get dark the action gets really intense!” she said.  While not at Skirmish, Kat spends her winters as a snowboard instructor in Utah and would some day like to get her pilots license.

  • Mike W.

    Mike, also known to his groups as Woolybare,  loves working at Skirmish.  He is a ref during the weekends and works field crew mid-week.  This means he is one of the fine gentlemen responsible for maintaining map boundary lines, making sure maps are clean and well maintained, and the all important task of building those epic new maps that Skirmish is famous for!  His favorite band is Sublime. ” He ain’t got no crystal ball”, but he sees a bright future at Skirmish.



  • Garrett

    Garrett has been working at Skirmish for quite a while now and loves to play on his days off.  His favorite place to hang out is the Skirmish pro shop because of the huge selection of fine goods and attractive sales staff!  The last time he played paintball he played the map Black-Hawk-Down for the first time and had a blast!

  • alex
    Alex K.

    Alex loves to judge, but most often he can be found filling the ever important role of on-site EMT.  As those paintball players jump, dive, skid, and tumble with the opponents flag back to their own flag pole, Alex is never far away to patch them up. Pain is temporary, glory is forever!  You’re in good hands with Alex around.  In his free time Alex likes whitewater rafting,  kayaking, biking & hiking, and repairing old Coleman camp stoves.  His favorite field is Crawler.



  • Ryan

    Ryan found his love of paintball through the military.  He has worked at Skirmish since 2011 and has completed basic combat training with the Marines.  Ryan said “Although going through Rich’s ref training wasn’t as hard as basic, it wasn’t far off”.  In his free time Ryan enjoys digging for clams at the shore and small game hunting.  His favorite field is DMZ.

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