Meet The Refs

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  • Willie C.
    Willie C.

    His smile says it all!  If you are coming to play at Skirmish and want to have the best time possible request Willie as your ref.  His free spirit and quick wit make him a natural paintball referee.  Willie does his best to make sure you get the most of your day at Skirmish, and you’ll leave with a smile as big as his!  He has over 9 years of paintball experience and his class-clown antics are legendary at our yearly Skirmish staff party.  His favorite field to play is Enchanted Forest.  When Willie isn’t reffing paintball he spends most of his time at the local bar chasing women.

  • Rich

    Rich (pictured in the middle) started playing paintball many years ago.  Long story short, he now has the frightening task of managing the entire ref staff.  Rich is the man that ultimately makes sure the paintall refs are where they need to be at the right time and have all the equipment they need for a fun and safe day on the paintball fields.  

    Paintball refs are often known to be a little . . .ummm… unconventional, therefore Rich compares his job to herding cats into water. Many would agree that there is no better man for the job though. From the moment a ref begins the training process to the moment they win the coveted position of  ”paintbal ref of the year”, Rich prepares the Skirmish ref staff for success.

    Rich has judged for many years,  won the title as ‘most requested ref’ time after time, and has also served in the Marines as a helicopter gunner, therefore teaches with first hand experience.  Once you meet the refs, you will understand that Rich puts his heart and soul into making sure the staff is trained properly so you, the player,  have the best experience possible.

  • Whip

    A true reffing veteran with the ego to back it up!  We don’t call him Whip for nothing.  Whip has been reffing for 20+ years and holds the valuable title of most requested field referee many years over. When he is not reffing, Whip is an NRA firearm instructor, technical systems analyst at LVHN, and a US Navy Veteran.  He has also been known to play a game of paintball or two in his spare time.  Request to have Whip as your Skirmish referee the next time you come to play, if you think you can handle it!

  • Tiff

    Tiff is one kick ass chic! Not only is she a great paintball ref, she is a rafting guide at Pocono Whitewater, and a biking guide at Pocono Biking. Apart from working all of these adventurous jobs Tiffany kayaks Class IV whitewater and competes in demolition derby’s.  When not working here at Skirmish, Tiff is pursuing a teaching career at a local university.

     Request to have Tiff as your ref…if you think you can keep up with her,  or stop by and visit her at the Invasion of Normandy beer tent in July.

  • Bob

    If there was a contest for most liked ref among our staff Bob would probably win!  A friend to all with a heart of gold.  He is also one of our designated EMT’s so if you get yourself all banged up playing paintball, Bob will be the one to patch you  up and get you back in the game!  In his free time he is learning to play the piano and has been playing the accordion since 2001.  He also has two pet fish. His favorite field to ref is The Tippmann Castle!

  • Morgan

    Morgan has been playing paintball since 2006 so she knows her way around a paintball gun.  Don’t let her sweetheart looks fool you, she can be tough as nails when things get crazy on the paintball fields!  She is the only female ref to lead a shock-team at ION, and has been known to show the boys who’s boss when she plays in our staff games.  When she isn’t at Skirmish her favorite activities are weightlifting and knitting, and she enjoys classic literature.  Her favorite fields are Tunnels, Tippmann City, and Draxxus Oil.



  • Colin

    Colin has been reffing and playing paintball at skirmish since 2001.  He has always been known for his kindness and hard work ethic.   In his free time he enjoys carving chainsaw sculptures and attending Jeremy Clarkson look alike contests.  As a woods-ball enthusiast he enjoys our heavily wooded fields like Enchanted Forest and Shadowlands

  • Brianna

    Brianna may be new to paintball but if she is your ref you’ll be sure to have a great day.  Her high energy and friendly attitude are a perfect combination for a paintball ref.  She says her favorite part of being a paintball referee is seeing how much fun people have when they come to play for the first time!  When not at Skirmish, Brianna has won many tennis competitions and collects antiques to sell on ebay.  Her favorite map to referee is The Airfield.

  • DiColla

    DiColla – he has been called a Ginger but never a bad ref.  Request DiColla today, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Dave

    Dave is one of those odd fellows who you would expect to meet while visiting Skirmish, the worlds largest paintball facility.  With his unique sense of humor, group after group request to have Dave as their referee.  Dave has a heart of gold and  is a favorite among the other judges.  Request him for your next day at Skirmish and see why his good attitude and high energy level have made player after player leave with a smile!

  • Mahoney

    No one really knows when Malone started working at Skirmish, not even him.  Some say that he was already here in 1983 when Skirmish was formed.  He has a passion for mechanized combat which is why he is usually in charge of reffing the paintball tanks during scenario games.  His favorite field to ref and play is Hood in the Woods because of all the fond memories of tanks rolling down the main street of the hood at ION.



  • Skip

    After playing paintball for five years Skip decided to become fully immersed in the culture and join our crew of referees in 2012!  His experience in playing paintball and easy going attitude have made him one of our best new referees.  When he isn’t playing or reffing paintball he likes working on classic cars and singing karaoke.  If you request him as your judge he will probably suggest you play his favorite field, Cargo by G.I. Sportz.

  • Cody

    Cody says his favorite part of working at Skirmish paintball is interacting with our players.  He enjoys making sure our player’s high expectations are met, and likes seeing everyone leave happy at the end of the day.  While not at Skirmish, Cody plays bass in a rock band!  His favorite map to ref is Brookside because of the flanking opportunities provided by the trees on the bottom half of the field

  • Alan

    Alan is as hard a worker as any at Skirmish.  He may be fairly new to reffing paintball but with eyes in the back of his head he rarely misses a shot.  If Alan is your ref here at skirmish you’ll be sure to have a day of fair play. When he plays paintball he always makes sure to play a game or two at Tippmann City.

  • Robert

    Robert’s favorite part of being a ref at Skirmish is being able to work and stay fit at the same time.  He also enjoys being able to spend all day outside with mother nature.  When Robert is away from Skirmish,  he enjoys spending time at the gym and rock climbing.  His  favorite paintball field is Cargo.

  • Mike

    Mike G is known around Skirmish for his excellent customer service skills.  In response to being asked what his favorite part of working for Skirmish is, Mike replied:  ”I just love seeing so many people have so much fun!”   

    Mike is often found greeting players as they arrive at the fields each morning.  You’ll have to call well in advance to request him as your ref though because he was a close contender for ‘most requested ref’ at last years staff party.  In his free time he enjoys sampling craft brews and has even been know to make a batch or two of his own.  Mike’s favorite paintball map is Tippmann City because of the large buildings and complex shooting angles.

  • Y. Revzin
    Y. Revzin

    Y. Revzin fuels his paintball addiction by reffing at Skirmish.  His aspirations are to one day compete in the National Paintball League but for now competes in some of the local paintball tournaments.  When not working at Skirmish, Revzin is taking classes to get his scuba diving certification and enjoys Thai food.  He also makes sure to attend Skirmish’s Invasion Of Normandy game every July.

  • Brandon

    Brandon is moving up the ranks of paintball referee’s quickly.  His natural leadership skills make him a great candidate to become a captain ref within his first season.  His calm demeanor and good judgement make him a favorite among the players that he refs.  In his free time Brandon writes computer code and is interested in alternative music styles.  He always recommends his groups to play Circle City because of it’s history and unique character.

  • Matthew

    Matthew loves working at Skirmish simply because he loves paintball. As an added bonus, Matt lives close so he is able to bike to work.  Many players like to have Matt as a ref because he works hard to make sure they have a good time. Beside being a paintball enthusiast, Matt is also an amature hobby rocket builder and has already won two competitions.  Skirmish’s newest field –  Cargo by G.I. Sportz -  quickly became Matt’s favorite map to play.

  • Chris

    Chris L has been here since 2008 and is a favorite among the other staff.  He also always places high in our ‘best looking in a camo jump suit’ category at our yearly staff party.  On the few days he spends away from skirmish he enjoys hiking, biking, and bird watching in the local forests.  Chris likes the speed-ball fields such as Hyper-Pipes, and The Tunnels.  No one has ever seen him without his cap on, so we think he might also be professional baseball player.

  • Pat

    Pat is a promising young ref who has a bright future in paintball.  He enjoys playing as much as reffing and was a competitor in the rookie of the year category in 2012.  He likes to play golf and go hunting when not at Skirmish.  Pat’s favorite field is Sherwood Forest because of the elevation change on the field.  He recommends starting on the high ground.

  • Kodie

    Kodie loves playing paintball as much as he does reffing it!  If you see him out playing he’ll probably be on either Tippmann Castle or Empire Castle.  While his favorite holiday is Saint Patrick’s Day he enjoys Halloween at Skirmish because that is when he can play his favorite Scenario Game – The Battle For Berlin .

  • Emily

    Emily was a horseback rider before she found the sport of paintball and started working at Skirmish.  She says paintball fits her personality better and the people here are a lot more fun to hang out with.  On most days she likes to take her groups away from the hustle and bustle of the picnic area and play fields like Shadowlands and Stealth.

  • Ryan

    Ryan’s favorite part of working at Skirmish is being able to joke around with the players.  He is fairly new but he is a quick learner and knows how to ref a proper game of paintball.  Away from Skirmish he likes working on his car and Trek bike.  Ryan’s favorit paintball map is  Draxxus Oil

  • Gabe

    Gabe likes the adrenaline rush that comes with playing paintball.  He likes other sports like whitewater rafting and downhill mountain biking.  Helping people get into the woods and stay active are his favorite parts of working at Skirmish Paintball.  His favorite field is Airfield because of how fast paced the games are and how close the two teams start to each other.

  • Little Foot
    Little Foot

    If you want to find out how Little Foot got his name you’ll have to request him as your Skirmish ref.  The story is not fit for print if you catch my drift.  

    All joking aside Little Foot is relatively new to paintball but has impressed many of the judge captains he has worked with.  Being quick on his feet and with a reffing voice to match, Little Foot commands respect on the playing fields.  If you have to call ‘paint check’ Little Foot will be there quick.  When not at skirmish LF is studying Chinese history and enjoys penguin movies.  When playing paintball, LF’s love of wooded fields makes Shadowlands the top of his list.


  • A'Hearn

    A’Hearn, like many of our Refs, has a passion for paintball that started with the military.  After serving for four years, A’Hern started working at the Skirmish fields because it seemed familiar to him, the people are nice to work with, and it keeps him in shape.  A’Hearn started working at Skirmish but soon found he enjoys playing paintball as much as he does reffing it.  While out playing A’Hern enjoys the Tippmann Castle because of the exciting game play and large scale games that are unique to Skirmish.



  • Kathleen

    Kathleen’s favorite time to ref is during the castle nights games.  ”I like how many people play in one game!  People love to play from castle to castle, and when it starts to get dark the action gets really intense!” she said.  While not at Skirmish, Kat spends her winters as a snowboard instructor in Utah and would some day like to get her pilots license.

  • Mike

    Mike, also known to his groups as Woolybare,  loves working at Skirmish.  He is a ref during the weekends and works field crew mid-week.  This means he is one of the fine gentlemen responsible for maintaining map boundary lines, making sure maps are clean and well maintained, and the all important task of building those epic new maps that Skirmish is famous for!  His favorite band is Sublime. “ He ain’t got no crystal ball”, but he sees a bright future at Skirmish.



  • Garrett

    Garrett has been working at Skirmish for quite a while now and loves to play on his days off.  His favorite place to hang out is the Skirmish pro shop because of the huge selection of fine goods and attractive sales staff!  The last time he played paintball he played the map Black-Hawk-Down for the first time and had a blast!

  • Mark

    Mark worked as a pig trainer before finding his now home at Skirmish.  He said he enjoys spending time with the players because they are much better company than farm animals, and they usually smell a lot better too.  While not reffing at Skirmish he studies equine science online, and enjoys horsing around with friends.  Also, Dave Patton is his hero.


  • John

    To John, working at skirmish is more of a fun activity than a job.  He loves to play paintball and enjoys spending time with the players whom as he puts it “are easy to get along with”.  The positive work environment and John’s interest in paintball makes this the ideal job for him.  In his free time he researches all the best new paintball equipment and enjoys Japanese cuisine.  His favorite map at Skirmish is Bandito.


  • Branden

    Branden’s true identity must remain secret due to his undercover role in breaking up illegal quilt knitting rings. All we really know about him is that when he isn’t protecting the public’s safety from menacing granny’s, he can be found playing paintball on his favorite map, Cargo, sponsored by G.I. Sportz.


  • Alex

    Alex loves to judge, but most often he can be found filling the ever important role of on-site EMT.  As those paintball players jump, dive, skid, and tumble with the opponents flag back to their own flag pole, Alex is never far away to patch them up. Pain is temporary, glory is forever!  You’re in good hands with Alex around.  In his free time Alex likes whitewater rafting,  kayaking, biking & hiking, and repairing old Coleman camp stoves.  His favorite field is Crawler.



  • Nate

    Nate has been living the dream at Skirmish since 2011.  He loves meeting new people every time he works, and is known for joking around with the players and having a good time!  When he isn’t at Skirmish he loves competing in amateur stock car races with his friends.  When he is out playing paintball, he always makes sure to play a game or two on Draxxus Oil which can be seen in the background of this photo.

  • Zac

    Zac started reffing at Skirmish in 2011 as soon as he was old enough.  He loves playing paintball and is on the team Dysfunctional Family out of Skirmish.  As a favorite among the staff,  he won Skirmish’s Rookie of the Year award last year and was the youngest rookie referee in 30 years to ever earn it!  Way to go Zac!!

  • Ryan

    Ryan found his love of paintball through the military.  He has worked at Skirmish since 2011 and has completed basic combat training with the Marines.  Ryan said “Although going through Rich’s ref training wasn’t as hard as basic, it wasn’t far off”.  In his free time Ryan enjoys digging for clams at the shore and small game hunting.  His favorite field is DMZ.

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