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Game Types

There are a variety of ways to play Paintball but we’ve outlined a few fan favorites to give you an idea of some ways we play the game here at Skirmish Paintball. Check ’em out:

2 Flag
Capture the other team’s flag and return it to your own flag pole, while maintaining possession of your team’s flag.

Center Flag
Both teams are trying to capture the same and only flag. Hang the flag on the other team’s pole.

Reverse 2 Flag
Both teams are trying to hang their team flag on the other team’s pole first.

Attack & Defend
One team is trying to clear the other team from a defended position.

Total Elimination
One team wins when the other team is completely eliminated from the field. Also known as “Last Man Standing.”

Each team is divided into two squads. Each squad starts in their own corner of the field (4 separate start positions.) The object of the game is to take possession of the center flag and keep possession until the game ends.


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