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Questions and Answers – You and your friends may have several questions about your upcoming day of Skirmish Paintball. What is Skirmish Paintball? What is the minimum age? Can I make a reservation? Can I bring my own paintballs? We’re here to help. To assist in the planning of your day we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Furthermore, if you think of a question not listed here, give us a call at 1-800-SKIRMISH (1-800-754-7647). Do you prefer to email us? Emails can be directed to You can also reach out to us on Live Chat, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Skirmish Paintball is a capture-the-flag team sport played on a heavily wooded site with trout streams, waterfalls, natural and man made obstacles. The objective is to capture the opposing team’s flag and return it to your team’s base. Ambushes are frequent and alertness is essential. It is great exercise, fun, and very exciting.

  • The Skirmish paintball fields are located at 211 North Meckesville Rd, Albrightsville Pennsylvania. It’s an easy drive from I-80 and the PA Turnpike! Check out Directions to the Skirmish Fields.

  • Skirmish Paintball is open year round. For mid-week paintball play, we strongly recommend making advance reservations.

    Please note, if there are no paintball players scheduled for any particular day, Skirmish reserves the right to close for that day. It is very important that you call ahead for paintball reservations to make sure there are staff and players for you.

    Please call 1-800-SKIRMISH (1-800-754-7647) to make reservations or Book Online. Internet reservations can be made up to 24 hours in advance of your trip. Our paintball reservation lines are staffed from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm (EST). During off-hours, you may also leave a message at 1-800-SKIRMISH (1-800-754-7647) or send an email.

  • Anyone 10 and over is permitted to play Skirmish paintball.

  • Skirmish provides all the necessary equipment for playing paintball; including: paintball referees, paintball gun, goggles, facemask, and N2 air fills. Paintballs can be purchased for as little as 3½¢ per ball. We also have changing rooms, snack bar, souvenir photos, and full-service paintball pro-shop for gun and equipment sales.

  • YES!! You are permitted to bring your own paintball gun. We allow both pump and semi-automatic .68 caliber paintball guns. Full-Automatic paintball guns are not permitted!! All personal paintball guns will be chronographed by our paintball referees and must chronograph at 280 f.p.s. or under.

  • No! You are not permitted to bring your own paintballs. We allow field paint only here at Skirmish. That means that all paintballs MUST be purchased from Skirmish.

  • The average player shoots approximately 800 to 1000 paintballs per day. All players MUST use Skirmish paintballs. Leftover Skirmish paintballs can be used for up to one year from date of purchase.

  • Yes, you can pay for your paintballs in advance when making your reservation. Please note, refunds will not be given on pre-paid paintball orders cancelled within 24-hours of play. We reserve the right to retain all pre-paid paint money on no-shows, day of play cancellations, or late arrivals who are unable to play. There are absolutely no refunds on paintballs the day of your trip!

  • Skirmish paintball reservations are highly recommended and a necessity if you want to be guaranteed play or have a group of 20 or more players. We do our best to accommodate last minute add-ons or walk-ons but cannot guarantee paintball play or equipment unless you have advance reservations.

    Remember, if you have a group of 20 or more players in your group, you must have advance reservations and be paid in full in order to be guaranteed private playing fields.

    Please note, if there are no paintball players scheduled for any particular day, Skirmish reserves the right to close for that day. It is very important that you call ahead for reservations to make sure there are staff and players for you.

  • We recommend making paintball reservations two weeks prior to your game date, earlier if possible. We will however accept paintball reservations up until the day of … as long as there is still availability.

  • Reservations are simple. Just pick a date, tell a few friends, and either call 1-800-SKIRMISH (1-800-754-7647) or Book Online. Internet reservations can be made up to 36 hours in advance of your paintball trip.

  • When you make a reservation for “open play” – one to nineteen people – we only require a minimum deposit of one entry fee but recommend paying in full so you can receive 100 free paintballs per person.

    To reserve “private play” – 20 or more players – we ask that you make advance reservations as soon as possible (10 days or more is recommended) and require that your reservation be paid in full in order to guarantee private play.

  • Cancellations made more than 10 days prior to your paintball trip may be rescheduled or refunded. If you cancel within 10 days of your paintball trip, we would be happy to reschedule or send paintball passes to come again.

  • Skirmish Paintball is a physically demanding sport, played year-round in all types of weather.  If you dress appropriately, you will have a great time.  However, we do offer a “rainy day policy”.  While you are playing, if it rains or snows a measurable amount for more than a half hour, we will give you a free pass to come back another day.

  • Individuals and groups of all sizes are welcome. For individuals or small groups (less than 20 people) we will form paintball teams, let your party stay together, and do our best to match you against a group of equal size and skill. If you have a group of 20 or more, you will play on a variety of private paintball fields all day—just you and your friends!

  • We use Tippmann ’98 semi-automatic paintball guns and paintball goggles/facemasks.

  • Yes you are permitted to bring you own paintball gun and paintball goggles.

    All goggles must be manufactured for the game of paintball and meet the following criteria:

    1. Must have full face protection from forehead to chin, including both ears.
    2. No modifications shall be made to the goggles or the lens that impairs its ability to function as intended by the manufacturer.
    3. The lens must be rated for paintball usage pursuant to ANSI Z87.1

    All personal paintball guns must meet the following criteria:

    1. Pump or semi automatic paintball gun
    2. Must be .68 caliber
    3. Chronograph under 280 f.p.s. (this will be checked upon arrival)
    4. Reactive Triggers are permitted for private play and scenario games
  • Yes, we offer gift cards for all of our activities – Pocono Whitewater RaftingRail Trail Pocono Biking and Skirmish Paintball.

    Gift cards can be purchased for any monetary amount and be redeemed toward any activity or item in our retail stores.

    To purchase a gift card, just give us a call at 507.325.8430. Shipping is FREE!

  • Skirmish DOES NOT allow First Strike rounds!

  • Sorry, No two specials apply. So, please choose the special that best fits your needs and budget.

  • We play in all types of weather – rain, snow, sleet, shine!  If you really wanna know what you’re going to be playing in please visit The Weather Channel

  • We have maintained an excellent record of safety over the last 34 years. However, any outdoor adventure activity offers varying degrees of inherent natural risk. The individual’s concentration on the task and various other factors contribute to your paintball adventure. Therefore, Skirmish USA, Inc. cannot assume responsibility for property loss or personal liability. If you question your physical abilities, please consult your physician. You will be asked to acknowledge your acceptance of these conditions before your day by signing a waiver of liability form agreeing to participate at your own risk. Click here for a copy of the waiver form. Have each member of your group fill out and bring with them the day of play – this will speed up your check-in process! To help prepare for you day, please watch our safety video by clicking here.  You will also be given a safety briefing upon arrival.


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