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Who doesn't like a private party?

If you to want play Skirmish Paintball but don’t want to hang with people you don’t know, all you have to do is get a group of 20 paintball players together and book a day of private paintball play. When you play “privately” it’s just you, your friends and your Skirmish referees to guide you through the day. This allows you to play the games you want, on the paintball maps you want.

To reserve private paintball maps, you must bring a group of 20 or more paintball players, make advance reservations and pay in full 10 days prior to your day of play.  If you are making reservations for private play within 10 days of your game day, we will ask for immediate payment. If you come alone or with a group with less than 20, no problem,  you can still play on our open play paintball maps.

Your group can purchase the basic paintball package, deluxe paintball package or a combination of both – it’s your choice.

Paintball Waiver:

Every person that plays Skirmish Paintball must sign a liability waiver. If there are any paintball players coming to Skirmish that are under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must sign for them. Click here to download and sign your Skirmish Paintball waiver.

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