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Rental Upgrades

When you arrive at Skirmish head to the Skirmish Armory, our fully stocked paintball pro shop. You absolutely want to check out the paintball rental upgrades available. Rental upgrades are a great way to increase your game advantage, try before you buy, add some extra body protection or simply, just look cooler than your friends. Scroll through the photos below to see what we have to offer and all available packages.

Rental upgrades are handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis. We require valid I.D. for all upgrades except ammo belt packs, camouflage overalls, and body armor. No exceptions. If you’d like to save time when you arrive, print and fill out our equipment rental agreement ahead of time. Then hand it in at the Skirmish Armory upon your arrival. For questions about our rental upgrades call the Skirmish Armory directly at 570-722-3567.

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