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Skirmish Armory

Welcome to the Skirmish Paintball Armory

Your premier destination for all things paintball!

The Skirmish Armory has the largest selection of paintball markers and gear on the East Coast.  Our paintball store caters to rookies and veterans, ensuring everyone finds exactly what they need.  Check it out. We believe in letting the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Rental Upgrades

Want to try before you buy or maybe just have a little more body protection? Check out the Gear Upgrades that are available at the Skirmish fields. Each item is designed to enhance your performance and protect you from enemy fire.


Need a place to store your marker, paint, and gear? Lockers are located in our main picnic area and are FREE for you to use. You will, however, need a lock. You can bring your own or purchase a lock from the Skirmish Armory.

Do you have questions about what’s in stock at the Skirmish Paintball Armory?  Call 570-722-3567 or stop by during regular business hours for assistance.

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