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Upgrade any Basic Package, Party, or Event

Why settle for basic when you can Go Deluxe OR Be Elite!?

NEW!  You can now add a Deluxe or Elite Upgrade to your basic paintball package, party, or event for an additional fee.  The Deluxe Upgrade includes everything in the Basic Paintball Package plus a camo jumpsuit, ammo belt, body armor, and 1,000 rounds of paintballs.  Or, do you want to ramp up your game and play like the pros? If so, add the Elite Upgrade which includes everything in the Basic Paintball Package plus a camo jumpsuit, armored tac vest, 1,000 rounds of paintballs, and even an Eclipse Emek paintball marker.  Check out the details below!

DELUXE Upgrade:


    • 1,000 paintballs
    • Ammo belt
    • Body Armor
    • Camouflage jumpsuit

ELITE Upgrade:


    • 1,000 paintballs
    • Armored Tac Vest
    • Emek paintball marker rental
    • Camouflage jumpsuit


  • The upgrade rates in in addition to your basic entry package rate.
  • Every person who makes reservations and is paid in full at least one day in advance will receive an additional 100 FREE paintballs.
  • Rainy Day Policy! Are you concerned about the weather? Skirmish Paintball is played year-round in all types of weather.  We do offer a “rainy day policy”.  So, while you are playing, if it rains or snows a measurable amount for more than a half hour, we will give you a free pass to return another day.
  • Book online or give us a call at 1-800-SKIRMISH (1-800-754-7647) to add on the Deluxe or Elite Upgrades today.

Paintball Waiver:

Every person that plays Skirmish Paintball must sign a liability waiver. If there are any paintball players coming to Skirmish that are under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must sign for them. Click here to download and sign your Skirmish Paintball waiver.

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