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Skirmish Paintball offers rates to fit every budget as well as packages to fit every group size. We also have gift cards available for purchase. They can be used toward entry, paintballs, and equipment. If you are playing paintball alone, with a few friends, or bringing a large group, we have a paintball package to suit your needs. Scroll through the list and find a package that’s right for you. Still have questions? Give us a call at 570-325-8430 or email questions to You can also check out our Q&A page here. See you on the fields!

  • Basic Package

    Basic Package

    The Basic Paintball Package will provide all the paintball equipment you need for a fun day of play. There is no experience necessary to play Skirmish paintball. All group sizes are welcome. You can even come by yourself! If you come alone or with a group of less than 20 players, you will play Skirmish […]

  • Deluxe Paintball Package

    Deluxe Paintball Package

    The Deluxe Paintball Package includes everything you need for an adrenaline-filled day of paintball here at Skirmish. Overall, this is our most popular package offered. Pick a date, purchase your deluxe package, and have a great time playing paintball outdoors with your friends and family. Remember, anyone age 10 and up is welcome and there […]

  • Private Paintball Play

    Private Paintball Play

    If you to want play Skirmish Paintball but don’t want to hang with people you don’t know, all you have to do is get a group of 15+ paintball players together (Sunday through Friday) OR 20+ players (Saturday) to book a day of private paintball play. When you play “privately” it’s just you, your friends, […]

  • Youth & Student Group Paintball

    Youth & Student Group Paintball

    Paintball is a great way for your youth & student group to enjoy some fresh air outdoors while getting lots of exercise. Let the kids run around all day long while constantly being supervised by our professional referee staff.  Just be prepared for everyone to sleep well that night after a long day of exciting adventure.

  • Teambuilding


    Teams quickly learn that in order to win, you have to work and plan together. Communication, strategic planning, leadership, time & resource management, flexible problem solving, and adapting to a changing battlefield are all involved in winning a Skirmish Paintball match.

  • Paintball Bachelor Party

    Paintball Bachelor Party

    Start your bachelor party off right at Skirmish Paintball. A crazy adrenaline rush as well as a great excuse as to why you have those hickies (I mean welts) all over yourself the next day. Stay sober, let your best friends “light you up”, and actually remember the fun you had. Tell your best man […]

  • Adult Paintball Birthday Party

    Adult Paintball Birthday Party

    So what if you are celebrating age 29 for the 3rd year running? Come out to Skirmish Paintball and let the adrenaline rush make you feel young again! We have over 50 paintball maps at Skirmish to satisfy the partier in you. Spend your big day at Skirmish with our Adult Paintball Birthday Party Package! […]

  • Youth Paintball Birthday Party

    Youth Paintball Birthday Party

    Have a paintball birthday party at Skirmish Paintball! Put down your video game controller and celebrate your birthday outdoors.  This is your chance to get out of the virtual reality world and play on real game maps. You’ll love it and your friends will be talking about YOUR paintball birthday party for months! Plus, we […]

  • Paintball Season Pass

    Paintball Season Pass

    Do you love paintball or know someone who does? A Skirmish Paintball Season Pass is just what you need! It’s perfect if you are an avid paintball player that comes to Skirmish a few times a year. Are you a scenario paintball game junkie? Skirmish has you covered! This pass will cover entry to all […]

  • Rental Upgrades

    Rental Upgrades

    When you arrive at Skirmish head to the Skirmish Armory, our fully stocked paintball pro shop. You absolutely want to check out the paintball rental upgrades available. Rental upgrades are a great way to increase your game advantage, try before you buy, add some extra body protection or simply, just look cooler than your friends. Scroll […]

  • Paintballs


    Paintballs are thin-skinned gelatin capsules with colored ‘paint’ inside. They are similar to a large vitamin capsule and are non-toxic, biodegradable, and water soluble. Not only do they rinse off your skin very easily with soap and water, they also wash out of clothing. We allow field paint only. This means that all players must […]

  • Gift Cards

    Gift Cards

    Need a gift idea for a birthday, holiday or special occasion? Give the gift of adventure and lasting memories at the most popular paintball facility in the world! Skirmish Paintball gift cards are available for sale year round. They expire five years from the date of purchase. You can purchase a Skirmish Paintball gift card in any monetary […]

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