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No matter your level of paintball, we’ve got a paintball map for you. From dense forest (Domination) to huge shipping containers (Cargo), as well as three story buildings (Tippmann Castle). Our 700+ acres of paintball fields are sure to satisfy the paintballer in you. With over 50+ paintball maps we have something to please. We have open fields, dense woods, creeks, bridges, swamps, rhododendron trees, forts, villages, TWO CASTLES, cargo containers, tanks, airplanes, speedball arenas, and inflatable bunkers. Use our list to plan your next trip to Skirmish Paintball! We like to organize our maps by field type. Use the drop down menu to help with your selection.

700+ Acres of Paintball

Scroll down to see our 50+ maps with castles, cargo containers, airplanes, buildings, and more.

View the full map in detail of our entire 700+ acres of paintball fields!

  • Free Gun Techs (when available)
  • Free N2 Air Fills
  • All Equipment Included

360° Map Views

Check out our interactive virtual map tours. The Controllable 360° experience brings these locations to life! Perfect for some recon before your next visit!

  • Firebase
    Should I be worried?
  • Tippmann City
    Fast-Paced, Metropolitan Action
  • Area 45
    Mixed messages
  • Original Hyperpipe
    Old ideas can be cool!
  • Tippmann Castle
    The biggest castle in the paintball industry
  • The Alamo
    Remember this one, boys!
  • Gauntlet
    Never stop shooting!
  • Empire Castle
    The orcs... have paintball guns?
  • Fort Skirmish
    This town ain't big enough for the two of us!
  • Heart of Darkness
    Not as scary as it sounds.
  • Airfield
    Surely, you can't be serious
  • Cargo
    If it fits, it ships!
  • Tank Town
    Do people actually live here?
  • Thicket
    Wooden Paradise
  • Cages
    Visibility at 100% today, folks!
  • Circle City
    No Squares Allowed
  • Bobcat
    Crawl, duck, and cover
  • The Hood
    Room-to-Room, Building-to-Building
  • Tunnels
    Above or Below? You Decide!
  • Fox
    Some crawling required
  • Draxxus Oil
    Paintball with a Petroleum-Product Twist
  • Hemlock
    Bridges, Houses, and More!
  • Jailbreak
    Don't Run, Turn Around and Fight!
  • Matrix
    Not the movie, the noun
  • DMZ
    This map rocks.
  • Congo
    No Gorillas, but Plenty of Trees
  • Outback
    Don't Go Out There Alone
  • Missile Silo
    Wait... is this thing on?
  • Brookside
    Untouched woods
  • King of the Hill
    A map we're all familiar with!
  • Shadowlands
    Hide in the Cover of Darkness
  • Rhodoscape
    A True Flock of Boxes
  • Cyclone
    Epic woodsball
  • Turkey Hollow
    Gobble Up the Competition
  • Sherwood Forest
    Listen for the footsteps!
  • Saigon
    They'll Come From the Trees
  • Stealth
    Walk Softly, and Carry a Tippmann
  • Renegade
    hey hey hey!
  • Abyss
    where darkness lays
  • Coyote Run
    What's all this barking about?
  • Diablo
    Is this Spanish for... Wooded Map?
  • Domination
    Take control, of everything.
  • The Edge
    ...The Edge of What?
  • Eliminator
    Last Man Standing
  • Farside
    Where the Ferns Are Greener
  • Good Luck
    No Caption Needed
  • Green Acres
    What is this thing?
  • Mirage
    This Is Not a Let-Down
  • Outer Limits
    Don't Wander Off Here
  • Razor Back
    Sharp senses required
  • Ruin
    What Is Wrong With This Place?
  • Venom
    It's Not Easy Being Green
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