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Paintball Bachelor Party

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Have a Skirmish Paintball Bachelor Party

Make your day a blast… play paintball!

Start your bachelor party off right at Skirmish Paintball. A crazy adrenaline rush as well as a great excuse as to why you have those hickies (I mean welts) all over yourself the next day. Stay sober, let your best friends “light you up”, and actually remember the fun you had. Tell your best man to pick a date to play Skirmish Paintball and invite all your friends. Call us at 1-800-SKIRMISH  (1-800-754-7647) to make your Skirmish Paintball bachelor party reservation. If you’re still interested in ‘evening’ activities just tell your girl you played Skirmish Nights paintball. Questions about Skirmish Paintball? Click here for a list of FAQ’s to help you plan your trip.  


  • $32.99 per person – pre-registration discount
    • Basic Package includes:
      • Entry to the Skirmish Paintball fields
      • Tippmann 98 or Cronus paintball marker rental
      • Goggles/facemask rental
      • Unlimited N2 air fills
      • Free parking
      • Professional paintball referees
      • All day play
        • You can play Skirmish all day, from open until curfew.  We recommend arriving by 10:30 am in order to maximize your playing times.
  • As long as you bring 10 or more players, the groom will receive the following benefits:
    • Groom receives 1,000 FREE paintballs*
    • Groom gets a FREE Skirmish t-shirt*
    • Groom gets a FREE upgraded rental marker to use for the day*
    • 1 FREE Skirmish pass, valid for 2 basic packages to come back another time*


NEW – You can now add a Deluxe or Elite upgrade to your basic package

  • $61.00 additional, per person – Deluxe Upgrade (added to your basic package rate)
    • Deluxe Upgrade Includes:
      • 1,000 paintballs
      • Camouflage jumpsuit
      • Body armor
      • Ammo belt pack (holds 300 paintballs)


  • $87.00 additional, per person – Elite Upgrade (added to your basic package rate)
    • Elite Upgrade Includes:
      • 1,000 paintballs
      • Camouflage jumpsuit
      • Armored tac vest (holds 400 paintballs)
      • Emek rental gun upgrade

Don’t forget, no matter what paintball package/upgrade you choose (Basic, Deluxe or Elite), the groom receives 1,000 free paintballs, a free Skirmish t-shirt, an upgraded rental marker, and 1 free Skirmish pass, valid for 2 basic entry packages to come back another time! You must pre-register to receive these benefits.


  • Every person who makes reservations and is paid in full at least one day in advance will receive 100 FREE paintballs.
  • There is a minimum of 10 people required for a paintball bachelor party.
  • 15+ players (20+ Saturday) pre-registered and present are required for private play.
  • You MUST pre-register to have a bachelor party.  Those who register on game day or walk on can still play but will not receive the discounted rate or bachelor party benefits!
  • Rainy Day Policy! Are you concerned about the weather? Skirmish Paintball is played year-round in all types of weather.  We do offer a “rainy day policy”.  So, while you are playing, if it rains or snows a measurable amount for more than a half hour, we will give you a free pass to return another day.
  • Please call 1-800-SKIRMISH (1-800-754-7647) to book your Skirmish Paintball bachelor party. 

Paintball Waiver:

Every person that plays Skirmish Paintball must sign a liability waiver. If there are any paintball players coming to Skirmish that are under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must sign for them. Click here to download and sign your Skirmish Paintball waiver.

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