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Scenario Paintball Games

The "Skirmish Big Three" Paintball Scenario Games

Including the famous Invasion of Normandy

Skirmish Paintball boasts three of the largest and longest running scenario games in the world! We begin the year with Stalingrad every March. The weather for this game can be challenging so no pansies need apply. Stalingrad is the perfect game to brush off the dust from your gear, meet up with some old comrades, and blast your opponents.    

After the cobwebs are dusted off your paintball gear, it’s time for the Invasion of Normandy, the largest event in paintball. Held in July, we start this game with an insane 4,000 player beach assault. There is nothing like this in the paintball world! We bring in more vendors to this event than any other in the paintball realm so come prepared to trick out your gear.

Our last game in our paintball scenario game series is Battle of the Berlin or Britain (depending on the winner of ION). This grudge match is held every October and generally has around 1,000 players. Call 1-800-SKIRMISH (754-7647) or click Book Now on the website and we will see YOU on the field!  

Scenario Game Dates and Rates

  • Invasion of Normandy 2022
    • July 8, 9, & 10, 2022
  • ENTRY RATES (three days of play & camping included)
    • $79.99 per person – now through 7pm on June 15th
    • $89.99 per person – 7:01pm June 15th through game day
  • Prepaid ION Paintballs
    • 7:01pm May 4th through Game Day
      • Pre-purchase unlimited discounted cases of paintballs
      • $75.00 per case (rec paint)
      • $85.00 per case (upgraded paint)
      • May be purchased online, by calling us at 570.325.8430, or at the fields on game day
  • Click Here for More Event Details


  • Fall Scenario Game (Britain/Berlin)
    • October 22, 2022
    • Details coming soon


  • Stalingrad XVII
    • March 2023
    • Details available this fall


  • Invasion of Normandy 2023
    • July 7, 8, & 9, 2023
  • ENTRY RATES (three days of play & camping included)
    • $69.99 per person – now through May 3rd at 7pm
    • $79.99 per person – 7:01pm on May 3rd through June 7th at 7pm
  • Prepaid ION Paintballs
    • now through May 3rd at 7pm you can purchase up to 3 cases of paint per person at THE LARGEST PAINT DISCOUNT AVAILABLE:
      • $60.00 per case (rec paint) | 2,000 paintballs per case
      • $70.00 per case (upgraded paint) | 2,000 paintballs per case
    • 7:01pm from May 3rd through Game Day
      • $75.00 per case (rec paint)
      • $85.00 per case (upgraded paint)
  • RESERVATIONS FOR Invasion of Normandy 2023 MUST be made by calling the Skirmish reservation office at 570.325.8430
  • Click Here for More Event Details

Event Benefits:

  • Some group leader benefits apply, see individual event for details
  • Skirmish paintball season pass holders gain free entry to all scenario games
  • Discounted Paintballs – only $75.00 per case of 2000 paintballs
  • Preregistration discount available

Event Notes:

  • No regular paintball play is available on scenario game days
  • Fill out a Skirmish liability waiver for quicker check-in process
  • Walk-on’s (those without advance reservations) do not have the option of choosing their team
  • Skirmish Paintball recommends purchasing a paintball season pass to save money!
  • Invasion of Normandy Prepaid Paint Policy: Refunds will be given on pre-paid paintball orders cancelled by 12noon (est) on Thursday, July 7th. After that time, there are absolutely no refunds on paintballs. We reserve the right to retain all pre-paid paint money on no-shows, day of play cancellations, or late arrivals who are unable to play. Paintballs are non-transferable.

Paintball Liability Waiver:

Call For Reservations Today:  1-800-SKIRMISH (1-800-754-7647)

“Thank you to all the refs for a superb job. Thank you to every staff member who went out of their way to make this experience an amazing one not only for all of us that have been doing it for many years but for those who were there for the first time. I salute you all.”

-Stephen Ammirati

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