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5-Man Rookie Tournament

August 20, 2017

This 5-Man Rookie Tournament is open for new paintball players. If you're trying to bring your paintball game against other teams then sign yourself up for the Rookie Tournament at Skirmish Paintball. This tournament is open to players that have played in 5 or less Rookie Tournaments at Skirmish Paintball.

Tournament Details

  • $75 per case of paint (2000 rounds)
  • Round Robin Format
  • 7-9 games per team
  • 16 Team Max
  • Winning Team earns free entry to the Skirmish Cup on October 1st


  • $99 per team
  • Call 1-800-SKIRMISH(754-7547) to register


  • Paintball gun
  • Goggles and Facemask
  • unlimited N2 air fills
  • Entry to tournament
  • Professional Referees


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