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Battle for Berlin

October 21, 2017

Following the Allies win over the Germans at Invasion of Normandy 2017, we will hold the Battle for Berlin on October 21st.


  • $39.99 per player, pre-registered by October 19, 2017
  • $49.99 per player, registered October 20, 2017 through game day.
  • Paint is $75.00 per case of 2000 paintballs
  • No regular play is available on this date


  • Bring 10+ players:  One Person Plays Free, 1000 Paintballs
  • Bring 20+ players:  Two People Play Free, 1000 Paintballs
  • Bring 25+ players:  Two People Play Free and 1 FREE Tippmann Cronus Gun (to keep!) OR 2000 paintballs – that’s one full case – your choice!
  • Bring 30+ players:  Three People Play Free and 1 FREE Tippmann Cronus Gun (to keep!) OR 2000 paintballs – that’s one full case – your choice!
  • Bring 40+ Players:  Four People Play Free, Plus a Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun OR 2000 paintballs – that’s one full case – your choice!
  • *Benefits are valid on Advance Reservations Only and based on paying people present the day of game

SKIRMISH CHECK IN & PARKING:  Directly at the Skirmish Fields – Albrightsville, PA.

  • For detailed directions, please visit the SKIRMISH DIRECTIONS PAGE at
  • Have your waiver form with you – filled out and unfolded – at the check-in counter
  • You will receive dog tags, wristbands, maps and rules at check-in
  • Everyone MUST wear their dog-tags and hopper tape to play
  • If you lose your wristbands or tags, please report to the check-in window. Your wristband and dog-tag is proof of payment.  If lost, you will be asked to pay again

BATTLE FOR BERLIN SCHEDULE:  This is an approximate schedule, times are subject to change!

  • 8am – 10:30am – Check-in Paint Sales, Chronographing, Air Fills
  • 10:30am – 11am – Game Orientation, Objective Assignments, Rules Briefing
  • 11:30 – Game Begins
  • 5:30pm – Game Ends, Awards Begin

TEAMS:  Germans & Allies


German High Command

  • General Adam “The Dubs” Green
  • 1st XO RTM Mike Conklin
  • XO Mike “Gooseman” Gallagher
  • XO Joe “Guice” Girardi

Allied High Command

  • General Chris Frack – Task Force Black
  • Lieutenant General “The Count” – Sons of Vengeance
  • Lieutenant General Jim O’Connor – Valor Paintball
  • Lieutenant General Justin “Voodoo” Czyzewicz – Steel Reserve

GAME MAP:  Click here to view the game map!

GAME RULES, PROP & POINT SCHEDULE:  Click here to view the rules, prop and point schedule. 

PAINT:  Field Paint Only! Field Paint will be $75.00 per case no matter what quantity you purchase. (Paint is subject to PA Sales Tax)


CHRONO:  Mandatory chrono at 280 max.  Chrono Stations will be near your insertion point.  Roaming judges will also be checking with hand-held devices.  If you are shooting hot, you will be removed from the playing field immediately.

MEDIC CARDS:  If you are shot, find a medic judge.  He will mark your card so you can stay in the game.  Receive 3 marks on your card, leave the field, report to the nearest re-insertion.

FOOD & DRINKS:  Available for sale throughout the game.

CREDIT CARD/CASH:  Cash is quicker but we accept all major credit cards.

ATM:  Located on site.

PROHIBITED Guns shooting over 280 fps, Hot Burning Smoke, Knives, Firearms, Flares, Rope, Wire, Portable Shields, Spotlights, Laser Sights.

ALLOWED:  Flashlights, Paint Grenades, Perimeter Warning Devices, and Thermal Imagers.

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