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“Skirmish USA – a 700 acre paintball mecca that boasts over 50 playing fields full of woods, tanks, forts, downed helicopters, city scapes, and a pair of castles.  It is also the site of paintball’s biggest ‘scenario games’, including ‘Invasion of Normandy’ that draws almost 4,000 participants each July. ” Chris Erikson, New York Post

View and Print the Skirmish Players Map

  • Full Map
    Our Huge Selection
  • Original Hyperpipe
    Old ideas can be cool!
  • Tippmann City
    Fast-Paced, Metropolitan Action
  • Area 45
    Target acquired!
  • Tippmann Castle
    The biggest castle in the paintball industry
  • The Alamo
    Remember this, boys!
  • Gauntlet
    Never stop shooting!
  • Empire Castle
    The orcs... have paintball guns?
  • Fort Skirmish
  • Heart of Darkness
    Not nearly as scary as it sounds.
  • Airfield
    Surely, you can't be serious
  • Cargo
    Metal boxes, Everywhere.
  • Tank Town
    Do people actually live here?
  • Thicket
    Wooden Paradise
  • Cages
    Visibility at 100% today, folks!
  • Circle City
    No Squares Allowed
  • Bobcat
    Crawl, duck, and cover
  • The Hood
    Room-to-Room, Building-to-Building
  • Tunnels
    Above or Below? You Decide!
  • Fox
    Red or Gray?
  • Draxxus Oil
    Paintball with a Petroleum-Product Twist
  • Hemlock
    Bridges, Houses, and More!
  • Jailbreak
    Don't Run, Turn Around and Fight!
  • Matrix
    Not the movie, the noun
  • DMZ
    This map rocks.
  • Congo
    No Gorillas, but Plenty of Trees
  • Outback
    Don't Go Out There Alone
  • Missile Silo
    Wait... is this thing on?
  • Brookside
    Untouched woods
  • King of the Hill
    A map we're all familiar with!
  • Shadowlands
    Hide in the Cover of Darkness
  • Rhodoscape
    A True Flock of Boxes
  • Cyclone
    Epic woodsball
  • Turkey Hollow
    Gobble Up the Competition
  • Sherwood Forest
    Listen for the footsteps!
  • Saigon
    They'll Come From the Trees
  • Stealth
    Walk Softly, and Carry a Tippmann
  • Renegade
    hey hey hey!
  • Abyss
    where darkness lays
  • Coyote Run
    What's all this barking about?
  • Diablo
    Is this Spanish for... Wooded Map?
  • Domination
    Take control, of everything.
  • The Edge
    ...The Edge of What?
  • Eliminator
    Last Man Standing
  • Farside
    Where the Ferns Are Greener
  • Good Luck
    No Caption Needed
  • Green Acres
    What is this thing?
  • Mirage
    This Is Not a Let-Down
  • Outer Limits
    Don't Wander Off Here
  • Razor Back
    Sharp senses required
  • Ruin
    What Is Wrong With This Place?
  • Venom
    It's Not Easy Being Green

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