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Bring your friends, family, and co-workers out for a day of heart pumping paintball action.  There is no group too small or large, we can accommodate everyone…you can even come alone if you’d like.  Our staff is here to help make this the easiest group outing you have ever planned.  Whether it’s just a get together with friends, a paintball teambuilding day, a youth/school outing, a bachelor or birthday party, Skirmish is happy to customize your day of paintball.  Plus, the more people  you bring, the more free stuff we want to reward you with.  Check out our sweet Paintball Group Leader Benefits, our way of thanking you for taking the time to plan your Skirmish paintball adventure.

  • Youth & Student Group Paintball

    Youth & Student Group Paintball

    Paintball is a great way for your youth & student group to enjoy some fresh air outdoors while getting lots of exercise. Let the kids run around all day long while constantly being supervised by our professional referee staff.  Just be prepared for everyone to sleep well that night after a long day of exciting adventure.

  • Free Group Leader Benefits

    Free Group Leader Benefits

    Our Skirmish Paintball free group leader benefits make planning a paintball adventure worth your while! Our goal is for you to have a memorable day on our premiere paintball fields and also to ensure your outdoor adventure planning is easy and rewarding. You are rewarded for bringing your friends and family along. The more people […]

  • Private Paintball Play

    Private Paintball Play

    If you to want play Skirmish Paintball but don’t want to hang with people you don’t know, all you have to do is get a group of 15+ paintball players together (Sunday through Friday) OR 20+ players (Saturday) to book a day of private paintball play. When you play “privately” it’s just you, your friends, […]

  • Teambuilding


    Teams quickly learn that in order to win, you have to work and plan together. Communication, strategic planning, leadership, time & resource management, flexible problem solving, and adapting to a changing battlefield are all involved in winning a Skirmish Paintball match.

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